Hulk Smash! 4 Marketing Lessons from the Avengers Is Unleashed


Malvern, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/09/2012 -- By now, the success of the movie The Avengers is widely known. Bringing in $200.3 million in its first weekend in release in the U.S. and Canada set an all-time box office record for an opening weekend. This contrasts sharply with the box office bomb that was John Carter early in 2012. Both movies were released by Disney and the difference between success and failure stands as a case study in how to launch a product. The writers at Value Prop Interactive have just released a blog post titled “Hulk Smash! 4 Marketing Lessons From the Avengers” that uses the success of The Avengers and the failure of John Carter to teach a valuable lesson on successful marketing.

Seasoned business professionals may think there is little to learn from marketing campaigns in Hollywood, especially if they are marketing fertilizer or cell phones, but they are wrong and this timely Strategic Propositions blog post tells them why. The blog clearly lays out lessons to be learned from the John Carter movie campaign and how those lessons can be applied effectively to any business marketing strategy. Readers will learn that:
Experience Matters
Coherent Messaging Matters
Doing Research Matters
Strategy Matters

“Part of your strategy needs to be knowing when to go full-scale and make a big Avengers-type splash, and knowing when to be stealthy. There’s not an exact science or a formula to it – part of it is research, part of it is luck, and sometimes it’s just a matter of merely working with what you’ve got. But it is a skill and can be honed and applied. Like hitting a baseball, success is not a 100% of the time thing – but a better than the other guy (competitor) thing“, says Jose Palomino.

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