The Average Woman Spends over an Hour a Week Deciding What to Wear: My Knickers Responds


Trawden, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/08/2016 -- The results of a survey have highlighted that picking clothes and feeling comfortable in them is a task which can be unduly time consuming and even frustrating to a number of women. Uniform suppliers Simon Jersey carried out the research, which involved surveying 2,000 women regarding their clothing habits and routines. It revealed also that 45% of women admitted that they found choosing what to wear stressful; especially in regards to workwear and underwear. These statistics could be considered a key prompt for clothing retailers going into 2016 – to streamline and improve the choices of their clothing stocks. Keen to comment on this was My Knickers, a prime lingerie provider.

Choosing clothes can be seen as an opportunity to express oneself and feel positive, though the figures suggest that much of the time it becomes an activity of aggravation rather than enjoyment.Reasons women gave for feeling in a struggle or stressed over their clothing choices included poor fit, workplace regulations and also difficulties in selecting a style they liked. Keen to comment on this was My Knickers, an expert in clothing provision in terms of offering quality underwear:

"The survey shows that women can end up spending a lot of time picking their clothing choices, and there are some negative emotions associated with this too. Addressing this constructively going into 2016 matters and an important way to do this is to ensure that women can make quick convenient choices of clothing items from a range of contemporary styles. That is why we offer an extensive online selection here at My Knickers, including bras, chemises and currently very popular, gowns, too. Good underwear is the foundation for feeling good in the choice of clothing."

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