The Bachmann-Zeitlin Insurance Agency Now Offering Renters Insurance This January 2014

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Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/31/2013 -- The Bachmann-Zeitlin Insurance Agency is pleased to announce that they are now offering renters insurance in addition to their growing list of insurance products available this January 2014. Renters insurance is one of the most important things a renter can purchase for himself or herself as a renter. Some landlords will require renters insurance for all tenants, as it will provide protection to the tenants and their belongings for a minimal yearly cost.

There are 5 important reasons for renters to purchase renters insurance:

1. Protection of personal belongings. If there is any type of accident in the home, renters insurance will protect the personal belongings of the tenants. For example, if there is a fire, water damage, vandalism, or damage from a storm, then the renters insurance will cover anything within the home that is damaged.

2. Renters insurance provides temporary housing. If the tenant needs to move out while the home is being repaired from damage, then renters insurance will provide temporary housing for the tenants.

3. Provides coverage against accidental damage. Renters insurance will provide coverage against accidental damage caused by the tenant. For example, if there is an accidental kitchen fire, or even water damage caused by an overflowing sink or toilet then renters insurance will provide coverage against any personal belongings or structural damage that is ruined.

4. Provides exceptional coverage for a very minimal cost. Renters insurance is very important to provide protection against the financial future of the tenant. Most renters are saving for a down payment for a mortgage and even minimal damage can cost more money than a tenant is able to provide. For a small monthly cost, the tenants never need to pay a large amount of money out of pocket and can feel safe and secure that their financial future and savings is not at risk.

5. Provides protection to visitors of the home. If a visitor to the home gets injured and needs financial assistance to pay for medical costs, then renters insurance will cover the costs and provide protection to the tenant.

Call Bachmann-Zeitlin Insurance Agency today for a free quote on renters insurance. For a minimal monthly cost, it will provide peace of mind for both the tenant and the landlord.

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