New Bakken Shale Book Portrays New Oil Discovery As a Game Changer for Energy Security and Jobs


Williston, ND -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/25/2012 -- Most people who hear about the new oil rush in North Dakota are only exposed to a quick sound bite or anecdote about how energy security is within our reach. The full story, however, has eluded many who want to know exactly what The Bakken is all about. A new website and eBook outlines the Bakken Oil Field Discovery and describes it in a way that anyone can understand.

The book, which is written by Matt King of, not only covers the aspects of the new technologies that made recovering this new oil possible, but it describes the entire processes of horizontal drilling, hydraulic fracturing (fracking), oil gathering, and oil processing in great detail. When asked about his reason for writing the book, Matt King said “When I needed to learn this information for my job, I could not find one consistent easy-to-read resource which contained the material I needed to understand. Once I had gathered the information I needed to learn and understand, I realized that I had the makings for a resource that was not yet available and I knew this compiled information would be extremely helpful to anyone wanting to learn more about the Bakken.”

He also mentioned that in addition to educating people about the Bakken and other shale plays, his book provides sufficient knowledge for a potential job seeker to sound more competent in a job interview for one of the many lucrative Bakken Oil Jobs in the industry.

The release of this new book, and regular updates on the website, will no doubt help to educate the thousands of people curious about the Bakken Shale and other new oil discoveries as well as those individuals who are seeking employment in the oil industry.

About is a recently launched website dedicated to educating the public about the emergence of new oil discoveries, unconventional resource production, and The Bakken Shale Play. The website also provides links to Bakken Oil Jobs information and resources about other emerging plays such as The Niobrara, The Eagle Ford, and Alaska Shale Oil Plays.