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The Beer Supply Experts Launch New Products Essential to Create the Ultimate Man Cave


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/25/2012 -- There’s one thing beer enthusiasts all over the nation will admit; the fact that it’s almost impossible to replicate the atmosphere and equipment set up of their favorite bar at home. As more and more people all over the country invest in home brew projects and home bars, the biggest challenge that’s arising is how to achieve a genuine bar-like result in the comfort of the enthusiasts own home.

Obviously there are a few main obstacles to overcome, particularly in terms of the delivery of the beer itself. One of the main things the local bar has over anywhere else is the way in which the amber brew can be effortlessly poured from a tap. In fact, most beer fanatics will attest to the fact that beer from the tap, and therefore the keg, tastes better than beer delivered by any other means. But a beer tap at home? That’s not even in the realm of possibility for most people... or is it?

BeerTaps.com is doing a roaring trade on a newly-updated range of Kegerators. What exactly is a kegerator? Well, it’s a refrigerated system whereby beer kegs can be kept cool and on tap right in the comfort of the enthusiasts own home. With stunning designs that can both stand alone and be built in to an existing kitchen or bar area, the line between bar and home has suddenly gotten very blurred indeed.

But even with the web’s most impressive range of Kegerators and associated accessories, the team at BeerTaps.com don’t rest on their laurels – they’ve also managed to stock the largest range of a wide variety of brewing paraphernalia, stocking everything anyone could every require in creating and serving their own beer at home. From Kegerators to homebrew kits, tap handles and more, the team at BeerTaps.com have even the most hardcore brewing enthusiast covered.

In fact, a second product range updated by the BeerTap.com team is also getting a lot of attention; that of their extensive line-up of regulation-size Beer Pong tables. As many are aware, Beer Pong has been gaining massive popularity over recent years and many are finding the limitations of playing it on a regular table frustrating. Luckily, BeerTaps.com stocks large variety of quality-built tables available to fans at a more than affordable price. For those looking to add the final touch to their home bar area, it’s hard to go past a high quality Beer Pong table – and at the end of the night it can simply be folded up and stored behind the sofa.

So for all those looking to make the final transition to the perfect home bar, it’s easy to see how a quick visit to the minds behind BeerTaps.com can make all the difference. With high-quality Kergerators, professional Beer Pong tables, beer signs and everything in between, BeerTaps.com have home brew fanatics everywhere covered.

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BeerTaps.com was launched in an effort to create the biggest and best online destination for homebrew enthusiasts dedicated to creating the ultimate bar area in their own home. By stocking high-quality affordable bar products and paraphernalia, BeerTaps.com allow people from every corner of the nation easy access to some of the best keg dispensing and beer related products available anywhere. For more info, visit http://www.beertaps.com