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The Begum Law Group Launch Weekly Updated Blog on Personal Injury Law

The Begum Law Group is making in-roads to social media with all new blog and video content.


San Antonio, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/24/2013 -- Personal injury law is now a huge industry, and lawyers and claimants both began to realize that there were strong cases for negligence negatively impacting the lives of ordinary citizens in everyday life. Fighting these cases in Texas is a group composed of many a San Antonio personal injury lawyer now named The Begum Law Group, which guarantees that if they don’t win, they don’t get paid. The group have recently launched a social media facet to their work aimed at educating more individuals on the process and precedent of injury law.

The videos already created by the site include six TV commercials, six client testimonials and five news updates from the principal office in Brownsville. Many of these videos have multiple language support, having been recreated in the Spanish language.

The blog offers many high quality original editorials on subjects pertaining to personal injury law, from the current state of Texas law as regards road safety and legal precedents from around the country, including incidents of liability for both local government and private companies in injury cases so that individuals know they can successfully sue for compensation in similar cases.

A spokesperson for The Begum Law Group explained, “Anyone seeking a San Antonio car accident lawyer should come to the site, look at the resources we have there and consider giving us a call. We have created these new initiatives because we understand that legal practice can be intimidating and taking legal action against a large body as an individual can feel frightening and overwhelming. We lift the veil on the process so that individuals can start to feel confident about their cases against the backdrop of those who have been successful before, and state some of our own cases as examples so they know they’re in safe hands coming to us.”

About The Begum Law Group
The Begum Law Group is a personal injury firm. They only represent individuals who are injured by negligence; injured in workplace accidents or by faulty products, equipment or machinery; injured in automobile accidents; or through the negligent maintenance of property. The firm has achieved great success in these specialties which are all bound together by a common thread: an individual has suffered serious physical or emotional injury. For more information, please visit: http://texaslegalgroup.com/