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The Bendersons: Kidnapped at K7- First Volume of Compelling New Action Series Proves Success Has No Boundaries.

Written by Leanne Schroder, the first instalment of ‘The Bendersons’ series sees protagonist Tam kidnapped from life with her domineering mother and thrust into life with Tibet’s K7. While coming of age, readers will re-examine their own lives and learn that that where life started bears no resemblance to where it may end.


Hobart, Tasmania -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/13/2013 -- While many new authors use their debut release to simply test the literary waters, Leanne Schroder is quickly proving than a first novel can easily compete with its genre’s best-sellers.

‘Kidnapped at K7’, the first volume of ‘The Bendersons’ series uniquely fuses action with fact to help readers learn more about the power of personal growth.


The book starts of with Tam feeling a sense of helplessness as she was living with her domineering mother and made to feel unimportant by her family.

It wasn't until Tam started to investigate what her mother was dealing with that resulted in her being kidnapped by the infamous Walf to Tibet's K7. Then her life was never the same.

As the book progresses, it witnesses Tam's growth as a person.

As the author explains, her book was written to both inspire and uplift its readers.

“I wanted to show that, no matter where you start in life, you can easily succeed. You just need to believe that you are a unique individual and you must learn how to use the unique gifts you have been given,” says Schroder.

Continuing, “Tam succeeds in busting the silver triads of K7 and this makes her realize that she is more capable than she ever thought. After turning the last page, readers will be empowered to make the same discovery about their own life.”

Since its release, the book has garnered a string of rave reviews.

For example, Sylvie Pytel commented, “Excellent book. If you like the film the tribe then you will love this book. In search of the D'ore is great.”

Schroder promises plenty more action in the series’ upcoming volumes.

“I can’t say too much at this stage – but prepare to experience life inside a para-cosmic genre. It’s going to be fun!” she adds.

Until then, ‘Kidnapped at K7’ is available from the following locations:

Smashwords: http://bit.ly/1hAl6jC
Free-eBooks.Net: http://bit.ly/tnedCb
Lulu (hard copy): http://bit.ly/16WeLrZ

About the Author: Leanne Schroder
Leanne Schroder is a Mother and Student who enjoys travelling, learning foreign languages, and cooking.