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The Benefits of Bulk Shopping at the Old Dutch Cupboard


Telford, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/01/2023 -- Purchasing in bulk can lead to some serious savings for customers, but that's not all, reports The Old Dutch Cupboard, a Telford, PA-based store. By stocking up on Dutch Valley bulk foods in Telford, PA, customers can benefit from the following:

Cost Savings
Companies spend more to package and manufacture products in smaller containers. That's why TP and paper towels get sold in bulk — and why food is, too. To take advantage of these savings, purchase items with a long shelf life and keep all food products in a safe, dry place.

Running out of olive oil can bring dinner plans to a halt, but with the power of bulk buying, those last-minute trips to the store can be reduced or even eliminated. The higher the number of food items in the pantry, the less often refills or replacements will be needed.

Increased Preparedness
When a large quantity of nonperishable food is needed, buying in bulk can save a lot of time and stress. Whether the situation is a true emergency (such as a power outage) or just an unexpected horde of houseguests, it's worth spending some extra cash upfront to have everything in its place exactly when it's needed.

Reduced Environmental Impact
Individually packaged food items can be hard on the planet because of the resources involved in creating safe, tamper-resistant packaging for each small product. Buying in bulk helps keep these individual packages out of landfills and cuts down on plastic waste.

Overall, buying in bulk is a smart choice if homeowners can afford the initial investment upfront. To purchase Dutch Valley bulk foods in Telford, PA, or try tasty homemade meats and cheeses, visit The Old Dutch Cupboard in person or visit

About The Old Dutch Cupboard
As part of the Alderfer Poultry Farm, The Old Dutch Cupboard is committed to providing natural, organic, and local products. The Telford, PA, store carries a variety of bulk foods, nuts, and candies as well as farm-fresh meat, eggs, organic and raw milk, and handcrafted cheese. They also have honey and maple syrup from the Telford and Harleysville area to make any family dinner, celebration, or potluck special. For over 40 years, The Old Dutch Cupboard has been bringing the farm to the table.

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