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The Benefits of Group Exercise


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2014 -- Group exercise classes have become popular in the last several years, and it’s become clear that those involved in fitness classes experience different reactions to the type of workouts they are presented with.

Exercising in a group encourages a person to push themselves to new physical levels by offering a guide in the form of an instructor, and competition in the form of other participants in the class. Not only do participants socialize with each other, they motivate each other to work harder and complete the workout by encouraging others to accomplish more. This doesn’t always happen through direct interaction between participants; the coach of the class provides an encouragement guide and participants respond to those cues.

In addition to encouragement, social exercise promotes confidence development for those new to fitness and exercise. By interacting with other class participants, whether to ask a question or discuss the class, we find ourselves feeling proud of what our bodies have done, and eager to come back again.

This is another benefit: group exercise classes are addictive. Aside from the physical activity that eventually becomes addictive to the body, fitness classes are also set to music which often motivates participants to work harder. Research has shown that working out to music triggers the brain to work harder, and actually releases hormones to support muscle development and fat burning.

If a person is struggling with finding time to work out on their own, or finding it difficult to stay focused on exercise or worse, dreading their workout, group exercise is something to try for both the physical and social benefit.

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