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The Benefits of Membership Club Cards

More and more sports clubs, leisure clubs and collectors clubs are recognising the importance of providing club cards to their members.


St Ives Way, Sandycroft -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/18/2013 -- More and more sports clubs, leisure clubs and collectors clubs are recognising the importance of providing club cards to their members.

Providing membership cards makes your members feel they are part of an inclusive club. They should be regarded by your members with pride – something they can show off in their wallets. So it’s important to find a supplier who can provide high quality membership club cards. After all, what says more about your membership – a branded quality plastic membership card or a tatty paper one?

What a membership card can do

You can personalise your club membership card as much or as little as you wish. Include just your logo and colours and the year of issue, or include members’ names and even photographs. You can also choose from technical and security features like magnetic stripes and signature strips. It all depends on whether you want your membership card to also act as an ID card or to allow access to certain areas of your club.

You could also tell your members to show their club cards at the bar and restaurant for exclusive discounts for example.

All our membership club cards are numbered as standard

The Card Network can also manage all of the administration and fulfilment for your membership programme. Send us all your data and we’ll send the club cards directly out to your members, including a personalised letter and any other information you wish to include.

Nothing says you value your members better than a membership card. It’s important to make your club membership card attractive as well as functional, so they look good in people’s wallets and act as their own mini advertisement for your club. Include your own distinctive branding.

Choose the right club membership card supplier

Your membership card isn’t something you should leave to chance. Select an experienced plastic cards supplier who understands the importance of quality, and getting the membership club cards out on time.

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The Card Network has over 20 years experience in the card identity market. The company uses the latest digital printing technologies and provides high quality, durable cards and accessories at highly competitive prices. Businesses, charities, schools and colleges, hotels, clubs, event management, marketing agencies and healthcare organisations all trust The Card Network with their data and card requirements. Get in touch with The Card Network to see what they can do for your business.

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