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The Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Repair

Traditional methods of sewer repair have been extremely invasive to your property and home. Discover how trenchless sewer repair technology is a better and more affordable alternative to sewer repair in the Baltimore area.


Baltimore, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/26/2013 -- The home and business owners of the greater Baltimore area have more important daily concerns than the condition of their underground sewer systems. Nevertheless, there is no greater disruption to an infrastructure than a sewer line failure and its always smart to stay updated on the latest method of trenchless sewer repair.

How do professionals perform trenchless sewer repair?

1. With care and precision, trenchless sewer repair professionals inspect the faulty line to determine the best method to clear any blockage of debris.

2. If it is determined that the pipe is broken and requires replacement, a new pipe will be drawn through the failed line; replacing it from the inside out.

3. Once the new line is drawn, quality and safety inspections performed by experienced plumbing professionals prevent future preliminary failures.

The homeowners throughout the Baltimore area should consider their underground water systems a source of regular maintenance. New sewer lines will accumulate sludgy substance and debris from the misappropriation of hair, food, congealed grease, hair products, etc. The water flow throughout the system will then decrease and cause a system failure over time. Routine inspection will prevent most home and business owners from being burdened with the unavoidable expenses of a sewer line replacement.

In the past, invasive sewer line repairs resulted in disruption of a homeowner's landscape, sidewalk and more. The relatively new method of trenchless sewer repair prevents business and homeowners from spending greater sums to regain what previous methods destroyed. Saving money on returning a lawn to its former glory after a team of professionals perform their work is the first of many benefits gained from trenchless sewer repair.

There are very few arguments against the technology of trenchless sewer repair. The most common concern is the effect of inexperienced professionals using this method, which usually results in a bowing effect of the replacement pipe. In short, inexperienced 'professionals' in any field are a liability. Due diligence when searching for a service technician is a good place to start to avoid sloppy repair jobs.

More to the point, any professional trenchless sewer repair technician will know about seamless plastics with a greater density than traditional PVC and ABS. They are used to prevent unstable deposits surrounding the new pipe from becoming warped over time. High density polyethylene creates a jointless pipe network and with protection from the surrounding rootstock, the piping is normally immune to punctures.

Ranging from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars; sewer system reparations are an inevitable necessity. The time saved not repairing damage to surrounding areas and maintenance costs are a clear advantage. Amongst experienced trenchless sewer repair specialists today, there's no debate: this technology is the least invasive solution to sagging, deflected or burst piping.

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