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The Benevolent Society Announces Strategic Partnership to Create Online Disability Community


Sydney, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/24/2017 -- The Benevolent Society, Australia's first charity, today announced a strategic partnership with My Disability Matters, an online social network designed for people with disabilities and their families, friends and carers.

Under the partnership agreement, My Disability Matters has created an online members-only platform specifically for The Benevolent Society's clients with disability where they will be able to share news, stories and information, talk to specialists, and generally converse with other members. Everything about the online community will be accessible.

In an innovative and strategic move, the Benevolent Society and My Disability Matters have created an online community on the My Disability Matters platform called the MDM Club for anyone who would like to join, plus there is that special community group solely for The Benevolent Society clients. The Benevolent Society specialists will be able to respond quickly to any questions, provide services in a responsive way when they're requested, and listen to and discuss clients' opinions.

There will also be an open Benevolent Society community for people who want to know more about our services and what we can do to assist them. This open community will include news, information and other strategic content.

Clients of The Benevolent Society will also have the opportunity to meet other members of the My Disability Matters community from elsewhere in Australia and across the world.

The Benevolent Society has become the largest provider of disability services in NSW and across Australia and as such is committed to assisting all clients and providing help and support for clients with disabilities transitioning to NDIS.

Anna Robinson, The Benevolent Society's Executive Director Business Development, says: "We thought it was appropriate to partner with Dale Reardon (CEO and Founder) and My Disability Matters which already has a growing and functioning social network designed for people with disability in order to create our own community. Dale has all the knowledge and background to make this online community function well.

"Through it, we'll be able to engage directly with our clients with disability, share information with them, and provide content and any appropriate news about The Benevolent Society. In addition to his knowledge, Dale will be providing regular posts."

Dale Reardon adds, "This is a great opportunity for The Benevolent Society and My Disability Matters. They are clearly embracing a new way of operating. The partnership allows me to bring knowledge about running an online community for people with disability and The Benevolent Society to bring their 204 years of helping and supporting Australians and being at the vanguard of change.

The My Disability Matters Club, open to everyone with an interest in disability, can be found at:

Clients of The Benevolent Society and their family members should contact The Benevolent Society to find out more about joining The Benevolent Society community, which launches today.