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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/25/2013 -- Television sets or TVs have become an absolute necessity in today’s times. Whether it is for the purpose of staying up to date with current events, getting information from other parts of the world, or simply spending a quiet afternoon watching a bunch of movies, connecting with television and media has become a need of the times.

There are many types of TV sets available in the market. Users can choose from a range of sizes, price range, features, mobility factor, measurements etc. there are also many kinds of TVs in the making. For instance, plasma TV screens LCD and LED among others. For a small living room, kitchenette or bedroom, LED TV 24 inch screen set would be the right size and fit according to the room and serve the purpose beautifully. There is just one small problem; which television set to buy? With a choice of 15 to 20 great brand names with competitive prices, it is not always easy to pick and choose the right TV set. To help this cause, 24 Inch LED TV Set gives the best reviews for all the best 24 inch LED TV sets that fit this special category. But users may think, “Why LED, what is the real difference?”

LED TV screens are different from LCD screens as LCD TV sets use a fluorescent light bulb while LED TV sets have a backlight installed. The image quality of LED screens is a lot better than that of LCD screens. Most people may argue that Plasma TV screens are much more sleek and provide better quality over LED screens, which is not entirely true. Plasma screens always come with a warning of burn in. A burn in occurs when the screen is subjected to the same image content for a long period of time, examples include the empty black bars on the top and bottom of the screen while watching a movie, news and headlines tickers etc. these leave a ghost image on the screen and are retained permanently.

LED screens have lot less chances of burn in owing to the panel of back lights installed in clusters or rows behind the display tube. Some great 24 inch LED TV sets include Toshiba 24 LED TV models 24L4200U 24” LED TV and Toshiba 24V4210U 24” TV sets. The site is a great way to compare and choose from the best range of 24 inch TV sets currently in demand.

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