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The Best Cellulite Reduction Procedure Exposed by Joey Atlas

The best cellulite reduction procedure has been in a review by The magazine awarded the prize to Joey Atlas’ Truth about Cellulite, a comprehensive manual which also includes the famous Symulast program.


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/07/2013 -- According to, women worldwide can now benefit from the best cellulite reduction procedure, as it is available for download in PDF format. Joey Atlas has changed the lives of thousands of women worldwide so far, so the magazine urges its readers to allow him to do the same for them.

Joey Atlas is a respected figure in the world of fitness and nutrition. The “women lower body enhancement guy”, as Atlas is nicknamed, is not an overnight miracle worker – he has been in the industry for over 25 years and has impressive credentials that prove his expertise. The numerous satisfied customers who have used his program stand to test that, as well.

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Cellulite Procedures magazine explains that his method is completely natural and therefore 100 percent safe. It doesn’t even require lotions, creams, lasers, or other elements used by modern beauty techniques and procedures nowadays to eliminate cellulite. His program is systematic and can be used at home. Even though it implies workouts, it does not require gym membership or special gym equipment.

The magazine informs that Symulast is a sequence of targeted lower body movements that focus on the weaker muscles. Once these muscles are properly stimulated and become stronger, they will be able to support the fat and tissue layer above so cellulite will practically be “pushed” outwards until disappearing completely.

The innovative principle on which this method is based may sound complicated, but it is actually very simple. In fact, the magazine says the only thing users need to worry about is performing the exercises correctly, which can be accomplished by watching the video demonstrations that come with the manual. has rated Joey Atlas’ Truth about Cellulite so highly because it is not a simple workout routine or homemade treatment. The magazine writes that it is a complete, comprehensive, valuable guide that deals with all aspects related to cellulite – this makes it the best cellulite reduction procedure available on the market nowadays.