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The Best Eye Cream for 20s Is Oil-Free and Absorbs Quickly

Women in their twenties need under eye solutions but most creams are too rich and greasy for younger skin. The best eye cream for 20s will help prevent premature aging and keep the pores clean and clear.


Oakland, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/11/2014 -- Women in their twenties have completely different skin issues compared to their forty and fifty-something mothers, aunts and bosses. There are a few things they have in common though, including puffy eyes and dark circles. The reasons for them might be different, but these two conditions do not discriminate.

What Is The Best Eye Cream For Women In Their 20s?

Because the skin may still be on the normal to oily side during the twenties it's important to choose something that contains no oil. This prevents the pores from getting clogged and it also enables the formula to absorb faster.

Young women generally like to get ready by applying eye makeup but hate the time it takes to do their skin care routine. By choosing an oil-free serum or gel such as THAT Eye Cream™ (, most of them find there's little downtime between application and the ability to do their makeup.

Twenty-Something Women Want To Prevent Premature Aging

While they might want to appear mature and be taken seriously, women in their 20s don't want to look old because of premature lines and wrinkles. Choosing skin products that are rich in antioxidants to fight off the damage from free radicals is key.

According to THAT Skin Care™, "It's so important to start early developing good skin habits. Washing away makeup every night before bed as well as regular and consistent use of appropriate skin care products is vitally important, especially at this age."

Because women often battle acne well into their 20s and even into their 30s, using a solution that won't clog the pores is critical. The formula used should be light and go on smooth, leaving no sticky residue behind.

It's also important to use safe skin care products beginning as early as possible. Parabens are a known potential danger and with so many paraben-free eye creams and serums there's no reason not to choose them over other options. Parabens are preservatives and there are safer options available.

About THAT Skin Care™
THAT Skin Care™ is the brand behind THAT Eye Cream™ All-In-One Eye Gel with Vitamin C. Although the brand is known for anti-aging, the vitamin C eye serum is perfect for women and men of all ages. The oil and paraben-free formula goes on easy and absorbs quickly, so there's little to no waiting time for makeup application. Packed with antioxidants and peptides, it's a great choice at 20, 30, 40 and beyond. Visit for buying information.