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The Best Identification Method for True or False of the High Quality Crystal Beads

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Shixiaqu, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/03/2013 -- Nowadays, whether the cool girls or boys, the wearing for few crystal bracelets with the shiny crystal beads is nothing new. Not saying the good lucky function of the crystal beads, the cooling function of the crystal jewelry in summer holiday which is one kind of "medicinal" value is well known. However, the real function of the crystal beads is only based on the genuine products. If people purchase the imitated one, the function could not be existed. Now, the high quality online shop for crystal beads wholesale ( would let people know about some identification methods for the authenticity of crystal beads.

Whether the crystal beads people want to buy is circular, square or oval shape, there must have holes for string lines. Then, people could check the true or false of the crystal beads will be started from this place. People could closer and carefully look at the drilling hold on the crystal beads. There is the basically knowledge which people should know that almost all of the hole on crystal beads were produced by semi-automatic equipment for manual drilling. In this kind of situation, the size of the hole of each end should be a little size holes and a small hole.

Of course, it could not exclude the working process for two holes drilling even so people will also find small cheap charms for bracelets cracks and flaws after the carefully looking. These cracks and flaws is formed the drilling is started. With the current technology, this phenomenon is almost inevitable. If the hole of crystal beads in people¡¯s hands is very neat and people could not see any little crack or flaw, it is likely to prove that this bead should be glass material and the possibility of it could be greater than 99%.

For the crystal beads which are made of phantom, rutilated quartz and other non- monochromatic crystal, there are almost no faked goods on the market because of its complicated compositions. So, it can be assured that people could buy this with setting their mind at rest. But, people should still have to pay attention to that such bracelets usually have some degree of defect. People must pay attention to whether each crystal bead has pits or yarn eye. This kind of defect is usually up to the Phantom green color part and close to the outermost part of the crystal. For rutilated quartz, this kind of defect should be at the hair ends and close to the outermost part.

Hope the above points and methods could help people correctly identify the true or false of the crystal beads. However, if people could choose to purchase the crystal beads from the high reputation supplier such as , they should be not worry about the identification.

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