The Best Internet Speed Test Was Just Launched by OutBooster


Greensboro, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2013 -- Growing fast in popularity, the new OutBooster device, which is a Internet Speed Booster for slow Internet connections had now launched their own Internet speed test to help users all over the world determine the real speed of their Internet service. Because so many speed tests are flash based or provided by their Internet Service Provider, OutBooster wanted to create a speed test that will show the multiple factors that can affect a users speed.

Multiple factor testing is a major part of seeing the true speed of not only your connection, but how your local network is performing as well. The new site has been launched at and factors in web browser settings, IP address location, local area network settings, and even the quality of your to give you a real-time snapshot of your Internet performance has shown that by combing these multiple factors that all affect your speed into our Internet speed test, the unique test will present you with accurate results of what your incoming and outgoing performance really is when browsing online. Acknowledging that more than Bandwidth can affect your speed and performance, OutBooster wanted to make sure that online users had an independent test available so they did not have to rely on what their Internet Service Providers tells them.

After the Internet speed test is completed, the website will then show you an estimated performance based result for the Internet speed you are receiving along with the other factors included in your results. This new method of speed testing will help you troubleshoot and test other things that can slow down your Internet speed. is provided as a free service from OutBooster. OutBooster is a Internet Speed Booster that helps people with slow or bad Internet connections get better and more reliable service. If you suffer from slow Internet, frequent dropped connections, or a bad location, then OutBooster can help you overcome these issues.

To test your own Internet speed now and take a snapshot of your performance or to learn more about how the new OutBooster device can improve your connection, visit today.

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OutBooster has designed and launched the world's first hardware powered Internet speed booster for Internet users with bad connections in rural and heavily populated locations. They are headquartered in Greensboro, NC.

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