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The Best Kitchen Faucet Reviews Launches to Provide Free Consumer Guidance on Kitchen Faucets


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/08/2013 -- The world of home wares is one in which individuals seek to stamp their own particular style onto a home, and many seek to mark out their pads with distinctive technological features that make even simple things a novel experience. So it is with kitchen faucets, which have now developed into a varied and vibrant example of design and style. The Best Kitchen Faucet Reviews is perhaps a natural reaction to this development, comparing and contrasting faucets and providing detailed product reviews to help consumers make their choices.

The site reviews only the best kitchen faucets from major manufacturers like American Standard, Delta, Moen, Grohe and Kohler. The site gives each product a star rating for quick comparison as well as an insightful breakdown.

The breakdowns consist of a summary for those seeking only the bottom line, followed by detailed lists of the extensive technical features and details, together with a summarised consensus of user feedback from online sources, pros and cons and the site’s conclusions and recommendations.

The product reviews are searchable through the site and include detailed tag lists so that consumers can filter the results by the key features they wish to base their purchase upon. The site also regularly includes details of discounts available on products when possible.

A spokesperson for the website explained, “The need for the website became apparent when we discovered many people were searching for reviews of faucets without much success. Shopping at major online outlets, reviews can only be found by clicking one item at a time and scrolling down to find out individual opinions. Our site has collated reviews of a wide variety of faucets into a single web presence, allowing far easier comparison between products for consumers, as well as taking feedback from product users into account while additionally providing information on features and our editorial team’s assessment. We have already had encouraging feedback from initial users explaining that while they never expected to use such a service, the free expert advice on offer has actually been highly beneficial to them.”

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