The Best Personal Injury Lawyer Toronto Announces New Attorney-Finding Website

Site covers how to find a personal injury attorney and provides an overview of the settlement process, reports


Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2014 -- When someone is injured, there are legal options available for that person to gain compensation. Finding out what those options are, unfortunately, can be surprisingly hard. Friends, co-workers, and internet forums will all have their own idea of advice - and none of it may be correct. The only way to be sure of legal options is still to contact a qualified attorney. This will cut through the speculation, anecdotes, and urban legends and provide the truth.

Finding an attorney can be a baffling endeavor when all there is to set them apart is their listings in a phone book or on a directory site. For this reason, has launched a site that helps connect injured people and their families with personal injury lawyers. It also provides important information, such as the key considerations to keep in mind when seeking a personal injury attorney.

"The first thing I advise anyone is to ignore the advertising hype," said Jonathan Littner of "A firm that can afford a lot of ads isn't necessarily the best one. It may simply mean that it's the most expensive one, and therefore has the money to spend on television saturation. It's also important to note that clients may not end up dealing with the lawyer that's on their screens. Instead, the cases may be shunted off to junior attorneys who don't get any airtime, but actually do most of the work."

Another tip offered by the site is to look for a law office that deals exclusively in personal injury cases. This, according to the site, gives clients a higher chance of finding an attorney who knows all of the angles for these cases and will choose the best one. "Clients should also be sure not to just pick the first attorney they find," Littner said. "It's important to get consultations with several and then choose which one seems to be the best. That may end up being the first one, but it may well be one of the others instead. Also, clients should trust their guts. If an attorney leaves someone with a bad feeling, it's a good sign to run away."

Once the attorney has been chosen, it'll be time to go to the next stage of the personal injury process. Surprisingly, the settlement process is usually started by the insurance company that covers the at-fault party. They will often investigate, and then contact the injured person with a settlement proposal. "These proposals are often far too low," Littner warned. "The insurance company wants to minimize its financial damages and close cases quickly to avoid further liability. This makes it extremely important for injured people to find and retain a lawyer right away."

About is a website that focuses on helping personal injury clients in the Toronto, Ontario area. It provides solid advice for finding an attorney as well as information about what to expect after an accidental injury occurs.