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Mission Viejo, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/12/2017 -- As you know, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and other regulatory bodies have set standards for workplaces and businesses to adhere to in order to ensure that employees and patrons are safe from harm or accident. If these standards are not met, businesses can incur serious fines and legal troubles.

Because of the consequences of not following the set standards, there are many products and services available to help businesses ensure that their buildings and workplaces are up to par. One of the big areas of concern is slip and fall accidents. Unfortunately, OSHA states that floors shall be "slip resistant", but doesn't tell architects, building managers or specifiers what that means or how to test reliably for slip resistance.

Indoor, level flooring must meet specific slip resistance standards according to the International Building Code 2012 edition in order to be considered safe. Many businesses choose to use the ANSI/NFSI A137.1 test, but Safety Direct America (SDA), the leading independent slip resistance testing company in the USA, recommends that businesses not only do that test but pair it with a pendulum DCOF test as well.

Senior Technician John Sotter of SDA said, "American architects and floor buyers have been left in the dark for decades. Horrible American slip resistance test standards have given a false sense of security to people with slippery floors. We here at Safety Direct America are here to inform people as to the actual slip risk of every flooring material based on decades of research that's been carried out and applied in at least 50 nations over the past 45 years with the pendulum tester."

In an effort to help make floors safer and better educate business owners, helping them see how dangerous slippery floors can be, SDA not only offers the ANSI/NFSI A137.1 test, but includes the pendulum DCOF test as well at a discounted rate when the two tests are ordered together.

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