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The Best Teeth Whitening Products of 2012 Are Revealed at Articate.com


Somerset, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/30/2012 -- Articate.com has just revealed their best teeth whitening products of 2012, and one product in particular has emerged as the clear winner.

According to this article, this product, and indeed many of the other products that are sold by this company, continue to be the best home teeth whitening products because they do actually whiten the teeth by several shades.

Furthermore unlike some of the home whitening kits that are available to buy right now, they are widely considered to be perfectly safe (as long as people follow the instructions and do not use them all the time).

The whitening gel that is used will not damage the enamel, which cannot be said about certain other products that use very high strength gel, or use ingredients that haven't been approved by a regulatory body.

These products are also a fraction of the cost of a professional whitening treatment from a dentist as well, which is an important factor in this economic climate.

As well as revealing which product they consider to the best one in 2012, the team at Articate.com also offer a few alternatives for those people who don't wish to whiten their teeth using this method.

For instance one product that is mentioned is Zero Peroxide, which is a tray-based system that whitens the teeth using natural ingredients such as sodium bicarbonate gel instead of a peroxide gel.

Anyone that would like to find out which product was chosen as the best teeth whitening product of 2012, and read more about all of the aforementioned products, can do so by visiting: http://articate.com/2012/11/29/best-teeth-whitening-products-in-2012/

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