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The BEST Toothpaste Has to Be Made at Home


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2013 -- While nearly everyone in the Western world and many people in other cultures around the world use toothpaste every day, few people understand how the wrong toothpaste can have negative consequences for their teeth and for their overall health.

Because of the toxins and potential toxins present in most big-name toothpastes, San Diego holistic dentist Dr. Daniel Vinograd has created his own simple fluoride-free toothpaste recipe that anyone can make at home with no special equipment and using ingredients easily obtained in health food stores and most good grocery stores.

Ideas about exactly what should be included in toothpaste have changed dramatically over time. Recently, an increased interest in holistic medicine has meant a dramatic rise in interest for a natural, effective toothpaste that does not depend on toxic chemicals but still does a good job cleaning teeth. The best toothpaste, according to this modern understanding, is one that does not harm the oral cavity and is also safe for the body as a whole.

Most toothpaste sold in drugstores, grocery stores and at big-box discount chains do not live up to consumer demands for safe, non-toxic toothpaste and could actually be doing more harm than good to overall health.

“Only a few years ago, most dentists were recommending fluoride toothpastes,” Dr. Vinograd says. “We know today that fluoride-free toothpastes can work just as well and don’t have the insidious side effects and negative health impacts that we now associate with fluoride. Still, most name brands contain this toxic substance -- a chemical that can cause reproductive and developmental problems -- as well as many other substances we have no business putting in our mouths.”

The best fluoride-free toothpaste is one that also does not contain irritating and mouth-dry sodium lauryl sulfate, potentially contaminated triclosan or propylene glycol, the ingredient that makes antifreeze work. There is a long list of other ingredients common in toothpaste that simply are not safe, according to Dr. Vinograd. So-called natural brands often contain some of these toxins and often do not taste good anyway.

“A toothpaste that tastes bad is one that won’t get used,” Dr. Vinograd says. “If a product is so bad that it discourages use, it doesn’t have a place in your house. Instead, the best toothpaste is one you make yourself that tastes great and does a great job too.”

For a truly effective toothpaste without additives that are unsafe and unnecessary, there is no choice but to make toothpaste at home. Fortunately, that is easier than many people imagine. The homemade toothpaste recipe created by Dr. Vinograd is also superior to popular brand-name toothpastes available in stores because it is affordable and pH neutral so it won’t damage the enamel of teeth like acidic products can.

“When you want something done right, you might as well do it yourself,” Dr. Vinograd says. “While you can’t handle all your dental needs yourself, making your own toothpaste is doable, affordable and sensible if you care about what’s in the products you and your family use every day.”

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