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The Best Travel Mugs Are Finally Here: Easy & Cool Advanced Generation Insulated Mugs


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/16/2013 -- It is with great excitement that we announce the launching of our new product Easy & Cool advanced generation travel mugs.

Everything in our daily lives is being affected by the fast pace growing of technology and coffee mug are not the exception.

Not only Easy & Cool are loaded with an arsenal of advanced features, but they also bring a huge contribution to the environment: The reduction of the usage of plastic bottles, paper cups, etc; as people use theses reusable tumblers.

But what makes this advanced generation travel mug different?

First of all: Temperature retention.

They have proven to keep liquids cold for up to 15 hours, and hot liquids for 7 hours.

This is especially useful in our complicated life styles, where we need a lot of flexibility. For those who want to stay hydrated, exercise after our daily routine; these mugs bring us something very valuable: Time. We can decide when to take our drink at the desired temperature when we want it. Something that was not possible in the past.

They also come with an anti-spill system, what makes them ideal to use at the office or around our so many electronic devices such as laptops, tablets, cell phone, computers, etc.

Only by pressing a button the liquid will come out, making them safe and even child proof.

Easy & Cool mugs are designed with a double stainless steel shield to deliver endurance, but this feature also reduces the chances of condensation of the external wall or sweat, what very often damage documents, furniture, electronic devices, etc. This was a common issue that happened with regular mugs.

Another great special characteristic is their built-in pressurized system. You can use these mugs inside a pool, beach, river, etc; and they will preserve your drink intact, as nothing comes in or out of the mug without activating the anti-spill system. Easy & Cool mugs also float even when fully loaded. A great attribute to use it when fishing, sailing, being outdoors, etc .

These are only a few of the features.

To learn more you can visit their website at

They are currently looking for resellers. Check them out.

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