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The Blue Velvet: Author Pens Series of Old-Fashioned & Empowering Books for Unborn Granddaughter

Kathleen Andrews Davis designed her -Emerson-s Attic- series to serve as clean a -legacy of words- for her granddaughter. Replacing vampires and violence with a showcase of good character and loving relationships, the series is also set to resonate with readers from coast to coast. Volume one, -The Blue Velvet-, is available now.

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Flinton, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2013 -- While many grandparents are busy knitting sweaters or helping decorate bedrooms for their unborn grandchildren, author Kathleen Andrews Davis has undertaken an admirable if unusual task - writing a series of children-s books to help her granddaughter become independent and compassionate.

The 'Emerson-s Attic' series is poised to come as a breath of fresh air in a climate where many books for young readers are consumed with scenes of vampires, violence, and subtle vulgarity. Wanting to depict a girl who can think independently and with good character, Andrews Davis instead opted for narratives chock-full of love, innocent mystery and fostering the idea of a loving family.

Book one, 'The Blue Velvet' is already striking a chord with young readers and their families.


Emerson McBride is a normal American teenager. She goes to school, plays soccer, and roams the mall with friends. Her life is just like that of any other 14 year old's until she is sent to clean the attic in the old Victorian as punishment for fighting with her younger brother.

Suddenly she is thrown back in time to a totally foreign world. Frightened and armed only with dreams of her grandfather, Emerson ventures into the unknown. How did she get here? Who are these people? Who is she and why is she here? These questions and many more follow Emerson into a new life in a new land.

As the author explains, when it comes to her own family, unique and optimistic fiction is a must.

"I am passionate that my granddaughter be exposed to the joys of reading, but not through currently-published books that contain scenes and themes that most adults wouldn't want to read. Therefore, I fused good old-fashioned plots with plenty of family history to develop a series of books promoting family union, initiative and loving character," says Andrews Davis.

Continuing, "Emerson doesn't rely on electronics - but instead develops a love for new places and people, learning to make good decisions and assuming responsibility for her actions. This is everything I want my granddaughter to be."

Since its release, the book has garnered a string of rave reviews. For example, Anna Jane commented, "Kathleen Andrews Davis's groundbreaking new novel, "Emerson's Attic, The Blue Velvet," is a tribute to her creative writing talents. Her, 'legacy of words,' is a wholesome story of a generation of children and young adults dealing with the challenges of life without computers and cell phones."

Book Preview Review was impressed with the book-s included study guide, adding, "A study guide for educators, librarians and students is available directly from the author. It is incredibly helpful, very detailed, fun and easy to follow. She offers a character list, chapter questions, vocabulary review, activities, word search and crossword puzzle. It's easily aware that much time, love and dedication went into the creative writing and study guide."

'Emerson-s Attic: The Blue Velvet' is available now:http://amzn.to/1ceZxNr.

For more information, visit the author-s website: http://www.kathleenandrewsdavis.com.

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