The Book “Antiques Australia” Getting a Lot of Attention in the Antiques Industry


Sydney, NSW -- (SBWIRE) --05/17/2011 -- The book titled “Antiques Australia” is raising the eyebrows of Antique dealers all over Australia. As a result of the recent demand for in-depth information concerning the buying and selling of antiques in Australia, the book is being warmly referred to as: “The information professional antique dealers do not want you to know about.”

Though sources for buying and selling antiques are plentiful, reliable tutorials for doing so effectively are few and far between. Like all niche markets, antique trading is an industry that relies on knowledge and experience- two aspects of business that successful traders are hesitant to part with.

According to beginning antique dealers, quality advice is difficult to come by. Resources that teach the trade are sparse at best, and most of them are filled with filler that “teach around” the subject rather than tackle it head on.

This lack of quality information for aspiring Australian Antique dealers was the motivation behind the creation of the book. Delving into some of the most fiercely guarded secrets of the industry, “Antiques Australia” provides a thorough step by step tutorial that gives highly useful information concerning all areas of antique dealing in Australia.

Perhaps the most notable aspect of the book is that it cuts through the fluff and gets to the real meat of successful antique dealing. It’s packed with 80- pages of facts, figures, techniques and tricks for making money (and deals) in the Australian antique market.

According to the books creators: “Antiques Australia teaches aspiring dealers the step-by-step method to build their antique business using the techniques and knowledge that, until now, was only available to professional dealers.”

The book also covers how to buy and sell collectibles to make money, how to avoid getting ripped off, how to “boot-strap” an antique business for success, how to talk and walk like an industry pro, and how to find success in a fraction of the time of most beginners.

So far “Antiques Australia” has been met with rave reviews from the antique community. According to past users, it is one of the most effective resources for closing good deals while buying, and finding people to pay premium fees while selling. For John Taylor, who purchased the book as a way to make extra money through antique dealing: “This antique guide will save you a fortune; it could make you one too!”

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