The Book "Eliminate Back Pain Permanently with Authentic Reiki Techniques" Being Offered Free for a Limited Time


Wakayama, Japan -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2013 -- Millions of people from all over the world suffer from back discomfort problems. Back pain can disrupt the whole lifestyle of an individual as the body and mind can be in total control of anxiety or depression. Treatment of the back pain may seem like a lengthy and annoying process which may or may not diminish backache permanently. Be it a treatment by the physician or any therapeutic exercise done at home, both look like a never ending course.

In order to permanently eliminate the discomfort of back pain, Duane Flowers, the author of the book 'Eliminate Back Pain Permanently with Authentic Reiki Techniques', reveals the unique treatment of back pain through the traditional Japanese art of Reiki. From their years of research, traditional healers identify that blockages of the body’s energy channels are the leading grounds of every disease and only the rupture of these blockages can relieve the body from pain and agony. Keeping this crucial concept in context, this book discusses various techniques which are designed to completely end the intolerable back pain.

For the readers to fully grasp the notion behind the art of Reiki, the beginning of this book describes the origination of Reiki’s historical roots in Japan, its westernization in America, its flourishing back to Japan, and the reality of what Reiki is and is not. Moving ahead in the book, readers are explained the following points: a bigger perspective on back pain symptoms, dispelling of the different myths related to back pain, a thorough examination of the anatomy and physiology of the back, and the different types of back pain problems plus their causes. The author has then focused on the different techniques, treatments, and exercises involving the art of Reiki which have the tendency to bring all forms of back pain to a complete and permanent end.

An important message advised by the author is that the readers should apply Reiki techniques with a self-determined motivation in order to expect a positive result. For the readers to give a complete conception behind Reiki techniques, the book Eliminate Back Pain Permanently With Authentic Reiki Techniques is currently available on and will also be available for free download from Jan 13 to Jan 15, 2013.

About Duane Flowers
Duane Flowers is the author of 'Eliminate Back Pain Permanently with Authentic Reiki Techniques' and has been living in Japan since 1994. He has been previously associated with the books called ‘30 Day Reiki Challenge’ and ‘30 Day Reiki Challenge Planner’ that became the reason of his popularity. In his books, Duane has covered almost everything that an individual needs to restore energy with the help of Reiki techniques.

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