The "Book of Goodness Series" Showcases the Hottest Issues and Topics Today


Yakima, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/25/2013 -- Michael the “Guy of Goodness” -Author & Publisher, has just released the “Book of Goodness Series”, that is composed of 15 (and counting), powerful books. These books tackle some of the hottest issues and topics today. Michael has had most of these 15 Kindle books, professionally written, so you know the information will be top quality and very informative. These books are not like the other books that individuals usually read. They contain helpful and comprehensive information about a multitude of super relevant topics. Plus links to other relevant information so you can further your knowledge of each subject. He says their main goals, are to help as many people as possible, live a happier, healthier, wealthier, and better all around life!

These books cover many topics that most people need and want, right now. The topics, will surely get the attention and interest of the people, such as: stress reduction, losing weight, personal finance, the problems of youth, meditation, powerful affirmations and quotes, global warming, and overall wellness, plus many others.

Aside from our flagship product, the ‘Book of Goodness’, this series also includes:

- Ultimate Stress Relievers!
- Meditation: For Your Heart, Body, Mind, & Soul
- Help With Your Personal Finances!
- Going Green & the Environment
- The Problems of Youth & Some Solutions!
- Alzheimer’s & Dementia—What To Do!
- Learning To Eat Right
- Yoga: For Your Heart, Body, Mind, & Soul
- Your Overall “Wellness”-With Intro’s To Yoga, Meditation, Exercise, Eating Healthy, etc.
- 10 Steps & 10 Minutes a Day to Total Health!
- Affirmations & Famous Quotes for a Better Life! And More!

The “Book of Goodness Series” is truly amazing, and will give a ton of helpful ideas to all people. Moreover, with all the books that are available, individuals can surely find several books that will benefit them right now! Since all of the topics of the books are important, individuals will also be able to start changing some of the things that affect their: health, their financial situation, the environment, their wellbeing, as well as many other aspects of their own lives.

Michael the “Guy of Goodness” is the author and also the publisher of these fine books.

For more information about the “Book of Goodness Series”, individuals can visit: This site will give them an overview about the things that they should expect from each of the 15 books in the series.

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