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The Book of Jack: Compelling Story of Redemption Urges Readers to Place Life's Control in God.

While fictional, the story of Jack mirrors author James W. Henderson’s own eclectic life. Proving that God’s plan for everyone should be respected and observed; ‘The Book of Jack’ is expected to strike a life-changing chord with readers from around the world.


Whitehouse, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/26/2013 -- While control over life can be comforting, the story of Jack Durgan proves that directing our own fate can often lead to fulfillment and a disconnect from our God-given purpose. However, in a potentially life-changing new book by James W. Henderson, the importance of handing control back to God is told through page-gripping fiction and bold life reminders.

‘The Book of Jack: A Story of Redemption’ has the power to change a reader’s thinking forever.


The story begins with Lucifer laying out his plan to destroy man by bringing about a new Church of Self, causing people to focus more on themselves and see religion as antiquated.

The story then turns to the life of a man named Jack Durgan. Jack is a man that has always focused on himself and how he runs his life. He is a Christian, but has always struggled with addiction and depression. Readers are walked through his life from his teenage attempt at suicide and his College days, where life suddenly changes and he meets his to-be wife.

As Jack settles down to family life , things aren't the way he had dreamed they would be. Still struggling with addiction and depression, Jack finally hits rock-bottom, causing Christ to come in and comfort him. Through his words, Christ begins to change his life, but the idea of turning everything over to Christ is something Jack cannot accept.

Readers join Jack through many pivotal life events, including the loss of his father, where Jack further fails to change his ways, like so many other people and causing earth-shattering failure. He is constantly reminded of the life Christ wants him to live, but the drugs, money and self-control are far too hard to part with.

But part with them he must. Jack finally realizes that he will give it all over to Christ, and when he does his life changes for the better. Life still throws its fair share of curveballs, but confronting them is easier than ever before.

As the author explains, Jack exists in everyone.

“The problem is that, as Christians, we accept Christ as Savior but have a hard time letting Him be The Lord of our life. We all face struggles in our lives but how we choose to face the situation is the key,” says Henderson, a graduate of East Texas Baptist University.”

Continuing, “I know from my own experience that if I don't try to control it all and turn it over to God, it does go smother. It works out in time, even if it doesn’t conform to what we originally wanted. Readers will see a good story, but they will also feel themselves in it; it’s a very powerful literary experience.”

Critics praise Henderson for the diligent efforts he is taking to improve the lives of others. However, with so much success on his hands, Henderson is quick to remind people that the story of Jack is very close to home.

“I'm Jack, this is my story. Please read it, I believe that your life can be touched through these pages,” he adds.

With the book’s popularity rising, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘The Book of Jack: A Story of Redemption’, published by CreateSpace, is available now: http://amzn.to/11q2V4u

About Jack Durgan
A Graduate of East Texas Baptist University. Married with three children . I write about the things I know, and I know that as people we fall but God is there to give us a new chance at life . My motto is that Truth alone Enobles. I chose to live by the Truth, enjoy each day as a blessing and accept the scars of my past as I am a better man for them. I want my readers to gain the same idea from my works.