The Boredom Killers: A New Website for Bored Netizens

Feeling Bored? Wondering what to do when your bored? Let the boredom killers handle that. We are your source for endless cool stuff, awesome images, videos, and products. Our goal is to keep you entertained, motivated, inspired and kill your boredom.


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/20/2014 -- The Boredom Killers ( is a new website that aims to entertain, motivate and inspire people. This cool website uses pictures, images, quotes, products, and articles users can view when they get bored.

The Boredom Killers is a collection of inspirational things that the users can scroll through as a welcome break from boredom. The website can also serve as an energizer in the middle of a hectic week.

The target audience of The Boredom Killers is everyone with an internet connection, though there are some content that are more appropriate for mature audiences. But basically, anyone who is bored is welcome to this website.

There are different categories in this website: Awesome, Body art, Beautiful women, Celebrities, Cool stuff, Cars and rides, Humor, Military and weapons, Movies and TV, Popular, Everything, Men's style, Motivation, Music, and Sports and Fitness. There is something for everyone on this website, something to fit whatever inspires or entertains netizens.

The Boredom Killers is run by Khando, a blogger who specializes in fun and entertaining content. He writes for the Blog section of the website as well, sharing curated content on anything under the sun that he believes will entertain people.

The Boredom Killers also has social media accounts connected to it. The website’s Facebook account has inspirational quotes and pictures you can share with your Facebook friends, while the interface of the website itself lets you pin pictures directly on Pinterest. The Boredom Killers also has an account on Twitter and Instagram, so users can connect to all of these to stay entertained and prevent boredom. With The Boredom Killers website, there is one more thing to add to “what to do when you’re bored” lists! Who knows, the next great idea could come from something a user found on The Boredom Killers!

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