The Brand New ASUS Padfone Infinity - Arriving Soon


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/10/2013 -- Many tech savvy individuals are aware of how ASUS has become one of the most high-end and recognized brands out there. Recently, the new ASUS Padfone Infinity has managed to grab the attention of millions of gadget lovers out there. Padfone infinity packs many new notable features which really are impressive and updated from the previous that ASUS have created. The exclusive smartphone has a 2.2GHz snapdragon 800 SoC processor that says more than enough for its speed. It is expected to be available on sale on November 9th, 2013; which is why all the interested buyers are recommended to keep an eye on the phone as soon as it hits the local stores and dealers. The updated version of infinity is undoubtedly much better since it sports a camera that allows high resolution images by combining the total three megapixels into one, which is rather impressive and definitely an improvement.

A micro SD card is provided along with the phone in order to allow the users to have increased storage capacity. Along with a total of 2GB RAM, infinity has a display screen size of 5”; that is perfect for all those who prefer premium and huge displays. Infinity allows people to snap 13-megapixel images during the day and has the exceptional feature of 720 HD video recording. For all those who love photography as well as videography, Padfone infinity is undoubtedly the best choice for them. The smartphone has a friendly and convenient user interface which makes it easy for people to operate it on a daily basis.

The new, updated version of infinity allows individuals to indulge in super-fast web browsing, courtesy of the high end premium processor. The message overview has been enhanced in order to suit the demands of the users. The new view is much more organized and appealing. The smartphone is not at all lacking in looks since the slim and long body tends to trigger the attention of buyers immediately. The smartphone will be available in platinum white color on Nov’9th, whereas the platinum black color is likely to be available sometime soon. When it comes to the important matter of pricing, the Padfone infinity will be available on a total price of $898 for 16GB, whereas it is going to cost $998 for 32GB. The much awaited smartphone by ASUS will be available at all authorized ASUS outlets as well as dealers on November 9th, 2013; therefore, all the interested buyers are advised to purchase it then.

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