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The British Are Coming - Unique Social Media and E-Commerce Platform Excites Investors


Hertfordshire, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/25/2013 -- The US dominance of social media and the internet is no secret with nearly all the major players originating from within the USA.

A young UK tech startup Globalvb Ltd aims to balance the scales with the beta launch of IncTwelve , a social media and e-commerce platform, and within two months of beginning development IncTwelve caught the attention of private investors and received seed funding.

IncTwelve offers the usual features found in other social sites, plus the integration of other features including an easy to use, feature rich e-commerce platform, titled the Boutique and a comprehensive community-powered reviews and recommendations Business Directory .

Another interesting feature is the Social Wealth monitor, which is a graphical visual display of IncTwelve Social Wealth, the measure and value of an individual’s social networking activity and interactions within the site and shares to other social media networks.

According to Globalvb's CEO "Everyone has Social Wealth and by creating, connecting and engaging with others that wealth increases. The more actions a user takes, the greater impact and relevance they have on the social media ecosystem and grow their social wealth."

IncTwelve is free to join , with premium paid upgrades and features such as the Showcase which gives extra prominence to user profiles, photos, videos, blogs and events.  IncTwelve is aimed at individuals, marketers, entrepreneurs and business owners, offering them the tools to help them achieve their goals.

About IncTwelve
IncTwelve is a social media and e-commerce platform on a mission to empower individuals, entrepreneurs and business owners to promote, share and generate visibility and revenue for themselves, their business or their brand.

IncTwelve is a web property of Globalvb Ltd, a dynamic young UK tech startup.

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