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The Brokerage Review Announces Free, Online Investment Seminar Open to All

The company's first foray into this style of education will help ambitious investors learn to be more effective and better equipped to brave the markets, the Brokerage Review reports


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/24/2014 -- The Brokerage Review, an online resource covering brokerage services for individual investors, announced the scheduling of a new online investment seminar, or "webinar". The class will help attendees become more self-sufficient and capable of directing their own investments and will convey a number of strategies for making better use of the resources offered by the leading online brokerage services. Those interested in the online seminar can sign up to attend it, while open spots remain, at the company's website.

"Here at the Brokerage Review, we're always looking for ways to help individual and small investors become more effective," company representative Jarryd Hayden said, "Our work producing reviews of the Internet's top stockbrokers has given us a special insight into the needs of the average self-directed investor, and we're excited to share our findings through our new seminar." Founded in 2013, the Brokerage Review provides in-depth, unbiased reviews of the services offered by such top Internet brokerage services as Scottrade, TDAmeritrade, and TradeKing.

The company focuses on illuminating how these offerings might appeal to individual investors who handle their own retirement-related and other investment decisions. It puts a special focus on those investors who are less knowledgeable about such activities, as is reflected in the newly scheduled free online seminar. At the same time, the company also accounts for more sophisticated investors who might be interested in trading stock options and engaging in other, more advanced, investing techniques.

"Since we opened last year, we've built up a loyal following from a wide range of individual investors," Harden continued "and, in addition to helping them find the best online brokerage for their needs, we're happy to now be able to give them further guidance through our upcoming seminar." The Brokerage Review's in-depth reviews of popular brokers are among the most extensive and comprehensive available anywhere. The company tasks teams of reviewers with analyzing and judging these brokers according to a variety of standardized metrics, while at the same time encouraging them to root out what is unique about each. The resulting reviews provide a strong balance of easily cross-compared feature lists and descriptions with more free-form observations that give a feeling for the special character of each broker.

"This upcoming webinar is going to be a new step for us," Harden concluded, "and we couldn't be more excited about taking it. We will continue to evolve to serve our visitors even more effectively and helpfully." In addition to providing a large assortment of some of the deepest brokerage reviews available anywhere, the Brokerage Review also lists active offers from different brokers. These offers can be worth hundreds of dollars to those opening accounts with particular brokers and so can be very valuable to investors contemplating this step. Visitors can find these offers, along with details about and a registration form for the upcoming webinar, as well as more information about the Brokerage Review, at the company's website.

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A leading source of in-depth, unbiased analysis of online brokerage services, the Brokerage Review was founded in 2013. The company has recently embarked upon an expansion of its offerings, a project which will include an online seminar for self-directed investors and the creation of a number of helpful guides.