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The Bully Slayer Is Back: Award-Winning Book Series Gets Second Installment

Written by T.S. Romney, ‘The Legend of the Bully Slayer: The Detention Bullies’ is the hotly anticipated sequel to Romney’s ‘The Legend of the Bully Slayer: The Dishonor Roll’, a book that won him notable acclaim. Following up with two main characters Alex and Nic as they enter fourth grade at Bill Penn Elementary, the tale takes a turn when the boys make a discovery that will change the lives of the students… forever.


La Verkin, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/13/2014 -- Bullying is a topic on everyone’s lips these days. From newsmakers to lawmakers, the subject is often hotly debated, with solutions to the epidemic seemingly hard to come by.

For author T.S. Romney, bullying is something he takes seriously, but he wanted to approach it in an accessible way with his series, ‘The Legend of the Bully Slayer’.

“My goal,” says Romney, “is to bring attention to it in a fun and entertaining way. Often, kids will get depressed about being teased or picked on and as we’ve seen in the media that can have devastating results. There’s just too much sadness in schools, and as the suicide rate goes up, I think parents are panicking about what to do.”

In the sequel to Romney’s popular first book, he picks up the story of fourth graders Alex and Nic, as they embark on another year at their elementary school, secure in their friendship with ‘bully slayer’, Matheson. Secure that they will avoid the dreaded “toilet swirlies” and dodge ball attacks, the boys feel confident as they board the school bus.

With its good humor, mischievous antics and important underlying message, ‘The Legend of the Bully Slayer: The Detention Bullies’ is a solid pick for both children and parents who aren’t sure how to tackle the sensitive subject of bullying.


Alex and Nic are excited to start fourth grade. Last year, Matheson the Bully Slayer, answered the ad found on the back of the toilet, and put an end to Alex and Nic’s bully problem. After forming a friendship with the Bully Slayer, Alex and Nic are confident that this year there will be no dodge ball attacks, toilet swirlies, name calling, or any of the other nefarious methods used to bully. However, as school is about to start, a horrifying discovery will again change the lives of the students at Bill Penn Elementary...forever.

Since it’s publication, the series has earned glowing reviews.

“Cute. Entertaining. Award Winning.” – Ryan Hunter, author of “Indivisible”

“I WANTED TO READ MORE! … I think all elementary kids will love this book!” – Utah Mom Blog

“T.S. Romney’s newest book puts an enchanting play on a serious topic…” – Parents Canada

“…The fast pace, light humor, and offbeat approach keep ‘The Legend of the Bully Slayer’ from being preachy, or boring, or too adult in tone. Kids will love ‘The Legend of the Bully Slayer,’ and parents and teachers will want to arm themselves and their children with its bracing survival armor of humor.” – Midwest Book Review; Children’s Book Watch.

As Romney explains, although adults enjoy his books for the satiric, sarcastic nature of the writing, his first fan was a young member of his family.

“My niece read the first rough draft and begged me to write more,” he says. “That was when I knew I’d hit on something that would really appeal to kids. They don’t want to be talked down to, or condescended to – they want a book that is smart, and funny, and understands what they go through day in and day out.”

Continuing: “I’ve heard from a lot of families who have read the series and then sat down together and talked about bullying. Not just about how to react or deal with being teased, but also the importance of being kind and maintaining friendships. The books really open a lot of doors between parents and their children to be able to have those vital conversations.”

‘The Legend of the Bully Slayer: The Detention Bullies: (Volume 2)’ can be purchased here: http://amzn.to/1fh1n1F

‘The Legend of the Bully Slayer: The Dishonor Roll’ can be purchased here: http://amzn.to/1bN656y

About T.S. Romney
T.S. Romney currently lives in southern Utah on a road halfway between Zion and Purgatory. He is the published Author of the award winning Legend of the Bully Slayer Series, The Little Star Story, and winner of the 2012 Break Out Author of the Year Award for Readers in Social Media.