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The Candid Writer Publishes Top 100 Ways to Promote a Blog for Budding Online Writers has created an incredibly comprehensive new guide explaining the best ways people can promote their blogs online and develop their audience to start earning money through writing.


Columbus, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2015 -- Blogging was once considered just another form of journaling, with a select few diarists creating a following. However people soon realized that Content Is King, and having a blog enabled people to generate impressive traffic for their products and services by providing quality related content. Now, blogging is a way many entrepreneurial individuals make their living, and seems like an attractive proposition to many more. The Candid Writer has written a new blog post on how to increase website traffic, detailing no less than one hundred ways individuals can promote their blog online.

The one hundred ways include advanced ways of utilizing Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, as well as offering formatting advice on everything from the length of posts, when to include pictures and how many, how to repurpose content to attract different audiences across different forms of media, and how to use current affairs for rapid audience expansion.

The Candid Writer recommends responding to controversial topics, starting a forum community and even offering contests in order to increase exposure. They also recommend developing an ongoing relationship with readers that will see them share content to new potential audiences, boosting website traffic.

A spokesperson for The Candid Writer explained, "We have written 13,000 words how to promote a blog, so this single post amounts to a comprehensive beginners guide that can help people spend their time and energy more effectively on creating buzz around their content and developing a following that can help generate real prosperity. This is just the latest in a long line of posts on the topics contained within, but is the first to try and sum up a top-level approach to blog promotion. We look forward to seeing how this post helps people create their own success in the future."

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