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The Carbnite Solution Review of John`s Kiefer New Weight Loss Program Developed to Burn Fat Faster

The Carbnite Solution Review Reveals New Diet Based On Burning Fat Faster, The Carbnite Solution Review Introduces New Fat Loss Diet


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2012 -- Specialists in nutrition awareness of the importance of essential carbohydrates for the body and the fact that some of carb are burning fat faster.

Some carbohydrates contain a substance called resistant starch which, if consumed in large quantities, helps weight loss.

The Carbnite Solution is a new downloadable weight loss program by John Kiefer based on burning fat faster. Unlike other diets that starve and weaken dieters body, carbs-diet is effective on long term. Until now years, bread, pasta and potatoes were considered bad foods in other weight loss programs, but this new carbs-diet assures dieters worldwide that they still can lose weight by eating carbs regularly.

Recent studies have shown that not all carbohydrates are bad for the body. Some products contain a substance called resistant starch, which if consumed in large quantities, stimulates weight loss. Resistant starch is found in foods such as bananas, oats, beans and potatoes. In the book The Carbnite Solution, John Kiefer argues that carbs-diet helps people lose weight faster than ever and on long term. Unlike the other restrictive diets, diet rich in carbohydrates provides enough energy to the body, the energy it needs throughout the day. These nutrients support the body when is dieting.

According to researchers, when a person keeps a low-carb diet, it almost feels hungry all day. In contrast, when the diet is one based on fiber and carbohydrates in just two days, constantly starvation starts to become just a memory. The diet rich in carbs helps dieters to increase energy level more easily than a diet based on proteins or fats. This is caused by the fact that carbohydrates are digested by the body harder than other types of food. Thus, both brain and stomach will hurt the feeling of saturation after a few sips. A large amount of carbohydrates consumed helps metabolism to burn fat faster, especially those in the stomach. More specifically, some carbohydrates release fatty acids in the digestive system acids that help remove fat quickly. Carbohydrates help burning fat faster than other foods, and firstly this process will help dieters to get rid of belly fat. Specifically, foods that contain carbohydrates increase the activity of enzymes that burn fat handle and a limit on the storage of dealing with them.

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