The Career Match Center Announces Launch of 'Best Career' Match Product

The Career Match Center Announces Launch of ‘Best Career’ Match Product


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/09/2013 -- The Career Match Center, Seattle’s leading location for vocational enhancement, has announced the launch of their new product; an online tool matches people to their best careers, based on their personality and skill set.

The Career Match Center is a professional career matching service which has been helping consumers realize which jobs they’ll not only like, but have the best chance to succeed in. Founded by Grant D. Robinson, The Career Match Center is a division of People Values and has been recommended by a long list of nationally recognized business and job service companies, such as Fortune500,, and the Society for Human Resource Management.

The Center operates on the principle that the best careers are made when workers feel they are in the correct work environment as well as placed in the correct field. “We created this company because there are too many people unhappy in their career and they just don’t need to be,” says Don Kolojek, a TOP Performance Counselor with the Career Match Center. “By using our service, for less than $200, people are transforming their lives and finally figuring out what they were meant to do for a living. By finding a career that their inherent skills, natural behaviors and interests match, people have a much higher chance of being successful in life and accomplishing their important professional and personal goals.”

To help career seekers and working professionals match their skills and professional dreams with their job path, The Career Match Center is offering a sale on their career matching service until June 15th. The service is not just for professionals already working in their field; it is also ideal for high school and college students who may be wondering where to begin their career path and want to get a head-start on the process.

“This assessment is completely different than the ones our daughter has taken in high school to help choose her college major,” says Lori Swanson, a mother and customer of the Career match Center. For Lori’s daughter, this assessment helped to give reassurance that her daughter was choosing a focus in college that would serve her well after graduation. “This is the only service I’ve seen that looks at who she really is and tells us which careers she has the highest chance of succeeding in based on her interests, and even more importantly her skills and personality. We now have peace of mind that she’s chosen the right college and major for her.”

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The Career Match Center is a division of People Values. The company has been helping small business owners hire and develop their most productive staff since 2000.

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