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The Cat Pee Diaries Shows Cat Owners How to Permanently Remove Cat Pee Odor, Save Their Cat’s Life


Montgomery, AL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/19/2012 -- A sweet little kitten can bring an enormous amount of joy to a person. From watching them playfully jump and paw at string to cuddling with them during one of their many cat naps, a kitten quickly becomes a valued member of the family. That is, until the day they stop using their litter box and begin urinating in the house.

The smell of cat urine can be quite pungent and can penetrate a number of surfaces, leaving a lingering foul odor that is extremely difficult to remove. And the continued spraying of urine by a cat can leave an owner believing they have no other option but to give the cat to an animal shelter.

In fact, according to The Cat Pee Diaries, an online cat urine odor removal guide, the No. 1 reason cats are removed from a household is due to them urinating in the home. And unfortunately, as illustrated in the company’s infographic, millions of cats are euthanized by animal shelters every year due to the rampant overpopulation of felines.

What many cat owners do not realize is there are a number of cat pee smell removal solutions that can not only help them rid their homes of the terrible odor, but can also save their cat’s life in the process.

To learn how to get rid of cat urine smells, cat owners everywhere are turning to The Cat Pee Diaries, a site featuring a wide range of solutions to help people permanently eliminate the smell of cat urine from their homes. The site also aims to educate cat owners about the most effective methods to correct their pet’s behavior issues, thereby fixing the root of the problem and helping them avoid having to abandon their cats.

Whether a cat owner is trying to remove cat pee from concrete or get cat urine smells out of carpets, The Cat Pee Diaries has a solution. The site is a one-stop resource for cat owners looking to get rid of cat smells, permanently.

According to the site, “Throughout the years, we’ve used dozens and dozens of products to try to eliminate the smell of cat urine in our home….and don’t want you to go through the same frustrating process, wasting hundreds of dollars and countless hours.”

The site also explains how every year roughly five to seven million cats and dogs enter animal shelters nationwide. And shockingly, about three to four million of them end up being euthanized as a result of overpopulation. The Cat Pee Diaries provides a number of ways cat owners can help prevent this from occurring, including having their cat spayed or neutered.

The site explains that spaying or neutering a cat can also prevent unwanted cat spray, urine sprayed by a cat in heat or a male cat marking his territory.

For more information on how to get rid of cat pee smells and address the issues behind a feline's behavior, visit http://www.caturineodor.com

About The Cat Pee Diaries
The Cat Pee Diaries was created to help cat owners permanently eliminate the smell of cat urine odor from their homes and teach them how to address the behavior that makes cats urinate outside of their litter boxes. The Cat Pee Diaries not only helps people and their pets get along, it also saves the lives of innocent, homeless cats by reducing the number of abandoned cats.