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The CCGNJ Closes 2017 with Part 2 of Their Year in Review


Hamilton, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/31/2018 -- The Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey (CCGNJ) recently concluded Part 2 of their 2017 Year in Review blog series, in which they reflected on their most significant topics and events in 2017. The non-profit organization released Part One of their review in early January.

The CCGNJ incorporates the latest medical research into its efforts to spread awareness of disordered gambling and help those that suffer from it. This focus on empirically-based case studies and genetic analysis was particularly evident during 2017. Their work in the latter part of the year highlighted these studies in addition to campaigns intended to increase public awareness of state gambling laws. They also continued to bring attention to demographics particularly vulnerable to disordered gambling.

Part 2 of their 2017 Year in Review begins with number five on the list: In June, the New Jersey State Senate passed Bill S1927/A3532, which regulates activities like betting for sports in Monmouth, NJ, while preventing minors from taking part. Governor Chris Christie signed the bill the following August. Number four on the list also took place in June. The CCGNJ's commercial spot, titled "Know Someone in Over Their Head?", was nominated for an Emmy.

In September, the non-profit organization held their 35th Annual Statewide Conference, number three on the list. They hosted professionals from a wide variety of fields to discuss disordered gambling and to share their work. Number two in their review marks the CCGNJ's support of the "Not 18 Yet? No Bet" campaign, an effort spearheaded by the NJ Lottery to emphasize to both retailers and the general public that minors cannot legally buy or sell lottery tickets.

Lastly, the CCGNJ rounded out the year with number one on their list, which consisted of their continued efforts to draw attention to the high incidence of disordered gambling in veterans, seniors, people with substance use disorders, and people that struggle with other mental health disorders.

"Our work in 2017 touched thousands of lives," said Neva Pryor, Executive Director of the CCGNJ. "As we enter the new year, we're grateful for all that we have learned and experienced."

For more information about the CCGNJ and the resources they provide, visit their website at Those currently struggling with illegal sports betting in AC or any other kind of gambling activity can call their 24/7 hotline, 1-800-GAMBLER, for immediate support.

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The Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey is a non-profit, private organization dedicated to helping individuals seek help for their disordered gambling problem, and for concerned friends and loved ones to confidentially express their concerns about someone close to them. Their 24/7 hotline is 800-GAMBLER. The Council also works to train professionals in the fields of gambling addiction and recovery.

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