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The Chanukah Fairy: Mother's Miracle Gives Jewish Children a Holiday Season 'Hero' - Promoting Hope, Family Values & Pride in Faith

New York’s Noemi DeLeon Bruyndonckx spent years having to explain to her children why Santa Claus didn’t visit their home, and why they wouldn’t be putting up lights or a tree. After much frustration trying to console them, Noemi did something totally unique; creating The Chanukah Fairy – a high-morale Jewish Holiday icon that would spread cultural inspiration and miracles. Each year saw The Chanukah Fairy become more elaborate and, twenty years after her original conception, Noemi has transposed the story into a culturally-delightful new children’s book.


Smithtown, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/03/2014 -- With the abundant influence of Santa Claus, Christmas trees and brightly-colored lights, every Jewish parent faces a huge challenge when trying to tell their children that these annual delights won’t be gracing their house. Noemi DeLeon Bruyndonckx was in that boat for many years, until she created a Holiday miracle of her own – The Chanukah Fairy.

The Chanukah Fairy allowed her children to take the same bold pride in their cultural beliefs, with renewed “boasting rights” back at school as they recounted the magic and miracles of their own Jewish holiday. Twenty years later, ‘The Chanukah Fairy’ comes to the market as a compelling new children’s book sharing the same message of hope and pride through story and stunning illustrations.

The narrative fuses Noemi’s own family story with fiction, depicting the lives of Justin and Brooke, two young children preparing for Chanukah while trying to cope with the grief of losing their dog, Chloe. Justin, like most other Jewish children, is feeling the pain of no Christmas tree or the possibility of Santa visiting. Their mother, aptly named Noemi, creates The Chanukah Fairy in the hope of consoling him; a move that would prove more magical than she ever imagined.

“I don’t want to spoil the story, but let me just hint to the fact that Chloe could return by the end of the book, all thanks to The Chanukah Fairy who really does exist,” explains Noemi. “It’s a heart-warming story of doing the right thing and never losing hope. Good things and even miracles can happen any time!”

Continuing, “I created The Chanukah Fairy to as there was no single character that Jewish children can identify with during the eight days of Chanukah; especially when they see Santa Claus everywhere and he’s all the talk of the playground. They now have something special to them, and someone to empower them to take pride in their beliefs. She stands for a wide range of values ranging from persistence and family through to love, loyalty and paying it forward.”

Noemi saw demand for a book after The Chanukah Fairy literally took over the lives of her family and friends.

“I developed her character a little further each year, to the point that our entire social network was telling stories of The Chanukah Fairy every December. I knew the potential was global, and am now releasing her wonderment and spellbinding power to the world through my new children’s book,” she adds.

With 2014’s Chanukah festival just around the corner, interested readers are urged to pick up their copies as soon as possible.

‘The Chanukah Fairy’ is due for imminent release.

For more information and updates, follow the book on social media:
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About Noemi DeLeon Bruyndonckx
Noemi DeLeon Bruyndonckx currently lives on Long Island, NY with her husband, kids, and dog Chloe. An elementary school teacher turned author and business woman, Noemi created The Chanukah Fairy over 20 years ago for her then young children to appreciate and look forward to celebrating within their culture.