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The Cheap $89 G-Box Mini PC runs Google Android 4 in HD on TV

The new G-Box, a mini TV box device straight out of China


Altamonte Springs, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/07/2012 -- The new G-Box, a mini TV box device straight out of China, delivers amazing HD quality video streaming, 3D gaming, desktop productivity, web browsing and online chatting using the Android 4 desktop OS to your HD television.

"The G-Box could start a revolution by changing the entire shape of the Android operating system. Bringing Android into the world of high resolution devices expands the horizons for the OS known primarily for small screens and mobile devices"

Who would have ever imagined a device this small and inexpensive could deliver so much? The G-Box is potentially a complete desktop computer replacement that runs directly into the TV. The hardware specs include a Quad Core Mali GPU, the Rochchip A8 Cortex processor, 4GB internal storage with practically unlimited storage through USB and SD, Wifi and multiple USB connections. Suppporting a wireless keyboard and mouse means the G-Box can be used from the comfort of the couch and makes web browsing and playing online games an activity that the entire family can participate in.

"It is the perfect solution for any home", according the USA Wholesale Suppliers, the founders of the G-Box.

"The G-Box is very affordable and provides an awesome platform for the future of Android development. Developers can gear up to developing high definition Android apps on this box today to make way for the future of Android desktop computing." Developers are encouraged to begin development using the G-Box to experience developing on a device that support HD ouput resolutions.

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