The Chemical Raw Materials in the Food Is the Serious Problem for Food Security

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Beijing, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/03/2013 -- Nowadays, the problem of foods security has become more and more serious in our modern society. As we all know, the industrial raw materials such as the Trimethoxy Benzoate, TCCA, SDIC, Citric acid and Gallic Acid powder has instead the edible raw materials to enter into our daily food. The common fake phenomenon such as the poison capsule, industrial salt soy sauce, industrial oil and other events are among this column, which number is at least more than 10 sorts. Today, the professional manufacturer and exporter on chemical raw materials which name is PETREL BIO-TECH CO., Limited would tell you the inner of these events. The products of this company are Trimethoxybenzene acid, Tannic Acid and Taurine.

The illegal adding for the non-food subestances such as the Trimethoxy Benzoate, sell Propyl gallate and Natural Menthol Crystals. On the other hand, the abuse of legal food additives is also the most serious problem nowadays. In the common 22 varieties of food, the variety of coloring agents, preservatives, sweeteners, acidity regulator and so on are often been abused. The new inventions such as the beef extract, meat treasure, fake fragrant oil and artificial eggs which have not been listed in the list of the Ministry of Health are also popular in the food market.

In the case of all the food with the industrial raw materials such as the SDIC and Natural Menthol Crystals, the blending of adulterated liquor of the industrial alcohol is the most worst. In 2003, there are more than 30 people had been poisoned by drinking the adulterated liquor blending industrial alcohol and four people were killed. In 2004, there were two similar poisoning incidents in Guangzhou and 14 people were killed, 10 were seriously injured.

The information from the website has told us that the vast majority of the non-food additives in the food are chemical compounds. Most of the illegal chemical compounds have been well known to the public because of food safety incidents. Nowadays, we should pay more attention to the food security. The only one who could charge for our health is our own. Most of the business men only care about whether they should obtain the profit or not. They do not care more about the health of the majority people. We think that you should have more knowledge about the chemical raw materials in the food if you want to protect yourself from the poisoning food in the future.

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