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The Christian Voice Reports Britain Becomes Breeding Ground of Islamic Terrorism

The Christian Voice report, published last Wednesday, showed that British-born Muslims are flocking to the Middle East to fight with ISIS in the growing jihad.


Post Falls, ID -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/05/2014 -- Britain is fast becoming a breeding ground of Islamic radicalism, warned the UK lobby group Christian Voice.

The Christian Voice report, published last Wednesday, showed that British-born Muslims are flocking to the Middle East to fight with ISIS in the growing jihad.

“An average of seven Britons a week are travelling to Syria and Iraq along a wide stretch on the Turkish border which has come to be known as the ‘Gateway to Jihad’” the group reported.

Once in the Middle East, these British citizens have been trying to help the terrorist organization ISIS achieve its goal, which is to eliminate all borders in the Middle East and establish a Caliphate under the monarchy of the terrorist Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, a man wanted by the Americans for $10 million.

Concern is increasing that when these British citizens return home they could unleash terror on UK streets.

Recent high-profile cases have included Hamzah Parvez, a British student who moved to Iraq where he has been calling on Muslims to join the Golden Era of Jihad. Concern has also been raised about Khadijah Dare, a British girl from south London who has vowed to be the first woman to kill Westerner and gloated online about the murder of American journalist James Foley.

The most recent case occurred last week when Sally Jones, a former female rock band member from Chatham, decided to join the Jihad and threatened to behead Christians with a blunt knife.

“It is hard to imagine why so many hundreds of British men and women are eager to travel to the Middle East to join in the barbarism and carnage perpetuated by ISIS” commented journalist Robin Phillips.

About Robin Phillips
Phillips, who was the author of the Christian Voice report and is best known for his book Saints and Scoundrels, added that “one factor is that Britain’s native Muslim population has recently seen huge expansion due to high birth rate and conversions to Islam. While the growing population of British Muslims are mostly peace-loving, nevertheless this growth does increase the pool of people that can be potentially radicalized. We saw this with startling clarity in 2013 when radical Islam made huge inroads into all aspects of British life.”

Phillips continued: “Another factor contributing to home-grown terrorism is that the British Government and media have long been involved in a jihad against free speech, as they seek to suppress all discussion of the link between Islam and terrorism…. By denying any link between terrorism and the teachings found in Islamic texts, and then using strong-arm tactics to suppress scholars who might suggest otherwise, the authorities in Britain have left themselves unable to adequately address the challenges posed by home-grown radicalism.”

UK leaders must now decide whether to let British Jihadists return to the country after fighting abroad with ISIS. Khalid Mahmood, MP for Perry Barr, has urged that "Once people have been radicalised, and are used to using weapons and resolving situations using live ammunition and weapons, I think it is difficult to say them 'Alright, you can come back and it will be okay'.”

Prime Minister David Cameron has announced that if British jihadists want to return they should be forced to attend de-radicalisation sessions, which seek to better educate terrorists about Islam.

Commenting on the Prime Minister’s proposals, Robin Phillips wrote that “it is incredibly naïve to suppose that the basic problem with Britain’s jihadists is that they are simply mistaken about their own religion. They are not traveling to the Middle East to kill Christians because of making one too many mistakes when reading the Quran. It is equally naïve to think these jihadists can be re-integrated into the country after the atrocities they have helped to perpetuate in the Middle East.”

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