The Club for Enlightened Men Ltd.

The Club for Enlightened Men Ltd to Buy Castle in Europe

The Enlightened Men Club Explore The Hidden Influence and Power Within Private Networks and How Private Elite Clubs Can Affect Wealth Disparity.


Limoux, France -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/20/2020 -- The Enlightened Men Club, an elite private club for red pill men today announced that they are in the process of acquiring a castle in France that will operate as the club's headquarters and as a Redpill resort for club members. According to a report from Credit Suisse the richest 1% owns half of the world's wealth, and the wealth inequality is growing each year. The laws of the universe apply to all men. Every living being has the same 24 hours, and yet 1% of men control the majority of the world's wealth as well as most political institutions. For these men life has few limits.

The question many people as is what makes the 1% so different.? Are they different from "ordinary" men? According to "The Club For Enlightened Men" the answer is no. The power to achieve lies within every man, but it is through elite private networks such as The Enlightened Men club that the hidden influence and power is distributed. "It gives me chills to know what I'm now part of "says Billy Carter, a newly accepted member from New Jersey.

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The Club for Enlightened Men Ltd is an organization for men and women that focuses on building new structures and better solutions to combat existing disparities in wealth and power.

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