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San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/09/2013 -- Foot patches are the latest alternative method of body detoxification via the nerve endings in the feet. Researchers have spent many years conducting studies related to foot reflexology and the possible methods of healing the body through external stimuli targeting the nerve endings present under the feet.

The human body is a complex structure of many systems working simultaneously. Caring for its health is both vital to the proper functioning of each system and to prevent the onslaught of diseases and illness. As the season changes, the body’s needs also change. In summer time, people naturally crave for more liquids and water to keep the body hydrated during the rough days of heat. Light snacks such as fresh fruit salads are a welcome treat and are easily digested because they contain high fiber. However, in the cold winter season, the body needs to maintain its warm temperature and therefore more fat such as meats and hot chocolate become the norm. Since these foods contain unsaturated fats that are not easily digested in the stomach, the excess fat accumulates in the body.

Pollution, excess fats and bile in the intestinal lining contribute to illness and stomach disorders. It may also be one reason why people tend to get stuck in the process of weight loss and may not be able to shed off the last few extra pounds.

Foot patches are an innovative solution to detoxify the body from all such harmful bacteria and waste built in the body. A normal foot patch is like a pouch which contains some herbs, water and silicates that are worn overnight and taken off in the morning. The color of the rubbery solution of water plus nutrients changes to a dark brown color which indicates the amount of toxins released from the nerve endings. Usually, the process is repeated every night for a month to see visible results. contains reviews for the best products available from the renowned companies such as BodyPure & Kenrico. The products are manufactured in the USA, China, and Korea etc. The products can be compared based on features and pricing. Shipment and delivery charges differ from product to product. Detox foot patches are a great and painless way to remove impurities from the body to feel revitalized and rejuvenated.

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