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The Confusing Muse: Insightful Book Teaches Men the Best Way to Meet Women and "Advance Their Cause."

Matt Hawkins shares his epiphany into the best way to deal with women in a compelling new book


Pittsburgh, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2013 -- Like many men, Matthew Hawkins made the same mistakes over and over in his pursuit of love and romance. However, after starting to visit some of the world’s most exotic locations, he objectively began studying the most effective and efficient way to meet women. By identifying and eliminating the mistakes he had been making, Hawkins became consistently successful at meeting females—and avoiding the ones that needed to be avoided. This new book shares the insight Matt acquired on his unique and interesting journey.


The Confusing Muse is a poignant and sweet telling of Matt’s pursuit of love and romance from a naïve junior high student to a naïve adult. Having grown up on classic movies and the classic novels, Matt thought he was well prepared for the world of romance—until he entered that world! Matt details the mistakes he made, how he overcame those mistakes and presents a concise way for men to develop the skill set needed to be consistently successful with women.

From the website:

“Most guys will think they don’t need to read this book. Their egos won’t allow it. But most men will know they have to read it.”

--Matt Hawkins

For all the men who are too nervous to “approach and open,” for all the men who thought excessive alcohol was the way to meet women and for all the men who wonder why a potentially great romance went off the tracks, this is a must-read book.

Continuing: This is the first time a man leaves his ego at the door and discusses all his dating and romance mistakes. “It was those mistakes that I “owned” and admitted to that paved the way for my personal success with females and the writing of this book,” Hawkins says.

Matt’s journey and the information in the book is presented in an easy-to-read and entertaining manner. The chapters on meeting women in bars and nightclubs and the “new rules” of alcohol consumption should be read by men of all ages. And the chapter detailing Matt’s experiences on Match.com are worthy of being made into a movie!

This book is being released in advance of Valentine’s Day. It will be a perfect read for the man who doesn’t understand why he isn’t in a fine romance. It will also provide valuable information to the man who just entered a romance. There is one BIG MISTAKE many men make on Valentine’s Day that could wreck a blossoming romance. That mistake could be avoided this year.

What is Hawkins “20 second blurb” on being successful with women? “Simple. Do not hesitate to “approach and open,” make and maintain strong eye contact, develop yourself as a person so you have something interesting to talk about and—most importantly—avoid the mistakes I made.”

The Confusing Muse is published as an eBook and can be downloaded at amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com and is also available in pdf format.

For more information: visits the book’s official website: http://www.theconfusingmuse.com

About the author: Matt Hawkins
Matt Hawkins is an investment advisor and is involved in other businesses. He is an avid reader, traveler, bike rider and swimmer.