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The ConnectBooks Mobile Apps Help Small Business Owners Manage Cash Flow, Improve, Profitability, & Profits

The ConnectBooks Mobile Apps for Sage 50 Accounting Software Enables Owners to Improve Cash Flow Management as You Improve Profitability & Profits


Chantilly, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/05/2014 -- The ConnectBooks mobile apps for Sage 50-US Edition and Sage 50-Canadian Edition enable small business owners to review potential income and expense items in their Sage 50 databases with their smart phone, tablet, or iPad. Sales and field technicians can also create/update invoices, estimates, and other customer transactions using Apple and Android mobile devices and send them to clients/prospects from the field.

ConnectBooks for Sage 50-US Edition and ConnectBooks for Sage 50-Canadian Edition (supports English and French) are similar, but not identical because of the unique Sage accounting products they support. They have the same menu structure along with a similar look and feel.

Managing Cash Flow Better
Effective cash flow management is the key to a successful business. With ConnectBooks, key financial information is always available as long as the Internet is available. That means your accounting data can be available when at home, on vacation, or at a prospect’s site.

The Who Owes Me feature (only available on ConnectBooks) lists customers in order by amount owed. With this list, delinquent clients can be contacted to prompt for payment when income is short as you review the list. Likewise, the Who I Owe feature lists vendors who you owe to identify who might be amenable to a late or reduced payment.

Access by Field Staff
Estimators and Sales staff can easily locate and contact clients/prospects using the address, email address, and phone available on your smart device. The map feature uses the embedded GPS features on your smart devices. The ability to review payment history is important in calculating estimates. Estimates can be created at the prospect site, a PDF created, and sent to the client using their mobile device.

Field technicians (construction, beverage delivery, landscaping, snow removal, etc.) can also locate and contact clients with their mobile devices. More importantly, they can create an invoice, make a PDF of it, and email it to the customer while still on site. The ability to create invoices and immediately get them to clients will help prompt payment of invoices. These features also improve productivity.

Receive Monthly Subscriber Discount
Subscribe through US Reseller or Canadian Reseller to get discount of $3.00 per month.

Become a Reseller

If you have a network of Sage 50 clients and want to earn additional income, check out the reseller pages below:
- US Reseller program
- Canadian Reseller program

In short, ConnectBooks is great ways to jump starts your company into improved productivity and generation of more profits.