The CORE Leadership Development Model Brings out the Leader in You

Best selling author Dr. Mary M. Gillam releases new self-help book to bring out your leadership skills


Grimsby, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2014 -- There are some who lead, there are some who follow, there are others who wished they could lead their own life to better fortune and career path, now thanks to the latest self help book, The CORE Leadership Development Model by best selling author Dr. Mary M. Gillam, people fulfil their true potential can become a leader

The CORE Leadership Development Model shows people how they can become a leader, lead their own destination to fulfil their life to the maximum, achieving full potential as well as becoming a natural leader for others to follow.

Dr. Mary M.Gillam who has 30 years of military, government and industry experience coupled with biblical truths and is a Certified John C. Maxwell Leadership Coach, Speaker and Trainer, believes that everyone has leadership qualities within. Her new step by step self help book will bring those qualities out and allow others to want to follow.

To become a leader a person requires confidence, they also require the right tools to maximize achievement, and Dr. Mary M.Gillam and her new book The CORE Leadership Development Model, available in paperback from Amazon gives people the skills, confidence and guidance to make it easy for potential leaders to create a roadmap to identify, refine and develop true leadership qualities.

By reading The CORE Leadership Development Model, it will allow potential leaders to learn

- A simple, step-by-step approach to unleashing your leadership potential
- How to use your natural gifts and talents to develop a powerful leadership brand
- How to unmask the leadership potential hidden inside of uncommon leaders
- How to execute courage over fear and become the leader that others want to follow

The Core Leadership Development Model, shows potential leaders how to bring their leadership skills up to speed, how to bring out that leadership inside of them and have the courage and skills to lead their team, no matter if that team is a classroom full of students, a sales team where maximum sales results is needed, or if that team is helping other achieve more in their life, with the new self help book by Dr. Mary M.Gillam, readers will be able to empower others to achieve their true potential.

The Core Leadership Development Model, is available from Amazon priced £12.06, please visit

About Dr. Mary M. Gillam
Dr. Mary M. Gillam is a former Senior Executive Service (SES) member with the Department of Defense in the Pentagon where she served as the Director of Technology, Innovation, and Engineering. She is also a retired Air Force Colonel. She is the President and CEO of M2G Dynamic Leadership Solutions. Dr. Gillam is a best-selling Christian author, consultant, and a certified John C. Maxwell speaker, coach, and trainer. An avid writer, Dr. Gillam is the author of eight books.

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