The Crazy Growth in Destination Weddings


Cabo San Lucas, Mexico -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/31/2016 -- According to a recent study, destination weddings are a real growth industry. The study by Bridal New Network claims that destination weddings have tripled in the past ten years. That is a real boost for an industry that boasts an annual spending of $16 Billion. The number of guests in a destination wedding has also grown from somewhere around 50 to 75 in just four years and has increased to an average spending of $22,443 per wedding. is a premier wedding planner in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico that can help you plan the wedding of your dreams. As they state in their Vision Statement, "[We] help you create not only the wedding you've always dreamt of but a whole Destination Wedding Experience that you, your family, and friends are not likely to forget."

So what can Vivid Occasions offer you that no other wedding planner in Cabo San Lucas can? There is a great deal to consider here. As Gabriela Cobián,'s founder puts it, "What you don't know and we do is who is a better fit for you. How do you choose the DJ who is better playing at Indian weddings or has a better country music selection, the photographer who can make the shyest groom smile and relax, or the pastry chef who can design a beautiful cake to match your theme when you only have a few emails to make a decision?" Isn't that the treat you need for your "Big" day? For it to be as stress-free as possible? Add the already overloaded items that can stress you from the travel to the guests to the clothes, wouldn't you like fewer things on your plate than there already are?

A destination wedding is essentially a combination of all the things on one's wish list, from the allure of travel, an exotic location, and to add to it an extended celebration with family and friends. Vivid Occasions makes it possible for you to enjoy all that without the stress of having to deal with all the micromanagement tasks of planning a wedding in a foreign land. With the possibilities are endless. They turn the daunting, overwhelmed feeling of an impossible to fathom chore into the Giddy, "World is our oyster" feeling.

With what you are getting is not an obsequious waiter that is taking the order to deliver your desired food, you are looking at professional who look at every detail from a vision of not just making your wedding day special, but someone who can make the entire trip for your whole party memorable.


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