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The Creative Hunger Formula: New Book Helps Women Stop the Never-Ending Cycle of Dieting-Weight Gain-Dieting in Its Tracks

From psychiatrist and prolific author Dr. Pinkie Feinstein, this guidebook to emotional growth and spiritual health is a proven method for women to stop dieting, and start living.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/14/2014 -- As many women know, their weekends usually start with a proclamation: “On Monday, the diet begins!” So it goes, in a spin cycle of misery, abject despair and low self-esteem. Women all over the world diet, binge and diet again, without ever addressing the root cause of their over-eating.

In a new book by celebrated author and psychiatrist Dr. Pinkie Feinstein, that root cause is pulled to the surface for examination, reflection and soothing.

‘The Creative Hunger Formula: Lose Weight and Grow Your Spirit’ is a unique entry to the field of weight loss, concentrating not on food, but on the reasons for hunger. Contending that it is actually an emotional ‘hole’ that is responsible for the over-consumption of food and drink, Dr. Feinstein summons readers on a journey into their own pasts to find that emotional wound and give it the attention it needs in order to heal.

Riveting and compassionate, ‘The Creative Hunger Formula’ is a love letter to the soul, and an invitation to a healthier, spiritually fulfilled life – free of diets, free of past hurts and filled with love.


Losing weight and gaining it back is a common cause for frustration among women. It usually begins with a powerful motivation to look better, coupled with an extreme attempt to restrict all "bad food" possible. Yet that is never the main reason for the problem. A very powerful, emotional "hole" is responsible for all overeating phenomena and as long as it is not addressed properly a rebound weight gain is almost inevitable. The main "code" that is responsible for this repetitive pattern is a silent hunger that no diet can ever quiet.

The failure to sustain weight loss for a long time is simple and challenging -- the soul remains dissatisfied and keeps on looking for ways to compensate for its past unsettled wounds. Sooner or later it will "demand" full attention with the easiest and most handy source -- food.

The Creative Hunger Formula is a mind-body system that makes sure that losing weight is done through a natural process, which combines emotional, spiritual and physical changes. The hallmark of the course is a new and effective means to sustain the hunger periods without suffering from tremendous stress. In fact, once you implement the system's spirit you realize that your hunger has become your ally and a source for growth and enhanced creativity!

The net result, as already seen in women who practiced the Creative Hunger Formula is an irreversible emotional state where all desired food is allowed yet consumed in the right manner that leaves the body the proper space for self-cleansing and weight balancing.

In the short time since its release, ‘The Creative Hunger Formula’ has earned a five star rating on Amazon, and rave reviews from those who have had their lives changed by the book.

“This is the kind of book that combines essence and practicality at the same time. Thanks to the book I realized that my eating obsession blocked my intensive creative energy and prevented my coming to light. While working with the book I learned how to calm my lust for food without a diet. I found out that my eating impulse is not related to hunger and now I manage to leverage it to painting, studying and reaching depths in things that nurture my soul. I eat much less than before and surprisingly I enjoy much more that I used to,” wrote Ofira Oriel.

Calling the book, “truly a must-read!” Renee Livers wrote: “The Creative Hunger Formula was a wonderful book that really dives into the reasons why you overeat. I was really moved at times by the way it caused me to look at me and my life and at my overeating in a whole new way. Its approach is completely different in that it doesn’t try to tell you a specific diet to follow or to even criticize you for being overweight; it really nurtures you and leads you by the hand in finding the cause of why you are where you are in your life right now. I recommend this book to anyone who truly wants to learn about themselves and to finally find their path to their “True Body”.”

‘The Creative Hunger Formula: Lose Weight and Grow Your Spirit’ is available now: http://amzn.to/Qdz5jt

About Dr. Pinkie Feinstein
Born in 1966, Dr. Pinkie Feinstein spent most of his years in Israel. As a formal psychiatrist, graduate of Tel Aviv University, and author of 11 books, Dr. Feinstein, along with his wife and four children, moved to San Diego, CA, USA at the end of 2012.

In the early stages of his career, Dr. Feinstein developed the intuitive-painting method. He then founded the Intuitive-Painting Center in Israel, where he led countless workshops for an array of audiences, and trained dozens of instructors who continue to convey this method to the masses.

After becoming a psychiatrist, Dr. Feinstein developed the Psycho-Creative counselling method. Following years of practice, along with training counselors to use this system, he noticed a way to turn the special state that takes place during counseling sessions into an interactive workshop people can do on their computers. It was then the Change Yourself series -- which is now the forefront of the Psycho-Creative Home self-help product line -- was born.