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The Creator's Child: Razor-Sharp New Sci-Fi/Fantasy Novel Fuses Fiction with Fate to Explore Deepest Mysteries of Humanity & Its Mission

Conceived and written by K.B. Welker, ‘The Creator’s Child’ is volume one of a compelling new series that presents a bold alternate theory of humanity’s creators and what life in the Universe is really all about. From anti-gravity/sentient robots to traditional acts of vengeance, even the building of a futuristic refuge. Protagonist Chase does all she can to positively exploit the gifts she was born with.


Pacific Grove, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2014 -- Pacific Grove, CA – While most new authors use their first novel to simply test the literary waters, K.B. Welker is rapidly proving that a debut release is also an opportunity to rival a genre’s bestsellers. Bucking Sci-Fi clichés’ with gusto, Welker is delighted to announce the publication of a new series that explore the life and purpose of humanity’s creators in a way never seen before.

Volume one, ‘The Creator’s Child’, takes adult readers on a journey laden with suspense, humor, despair, technological brevity and an underlying feeling that there are mysteries here that we want to know.


A woman awakens with the loss of her senses and memories. Her mind attempts to put the pieces together, but she can only grasp fragments. There is nothing to prepare her for the nightmare that is to be her new reality.

When the truth of her situation is revealed, she is all but lost. It is his voice, Arthur's that pulls her back from the edge. As she tries to find her way, Arthur is there for her.

Unable to control what she sees ahead, Chase attempts to protect everything around her even if that means pushing those that she loves the most, far away.

Chase must learn to deal with the hand she's been dealt. She is unique in a world of chaos, with humanity at the helm. Her origins are unknown, as is her DNA.

Running on instincts and what she was born with, Chase builds the Refuge: SI (Sentient Intelligence), robotics, endangered species, and habitats that now flourish. It is instinctual that all matter of life be integrated together. There is no black and white, to Chase all sentient life is equal. She has made the impossible - possible. One time enemies now walk peacefully with their prey. However, as the Refuge thrives, life outside is tumultuous.

She sees no choice but to try and change what is happening and what is coming. A logistical plan is formed in which she takes action to handle the monumental tasks of working with the humans and their mess of an environment and destruction. Then again, things rarely go as planned when dealing with humanity.

Chase begins her journey learning of love, loss, betrayal, and forgiveness. Will her temper, mouth, and burgeoning power rip loose before she even begins? How can one who is so dynamically opposed to mankind’s thinking make any difference, and balance the scales in the time she has been given? Will those who created her get to her and explain her purpose before it's too late? Or has humanity and Earth gone too far for even the Creator's child to stop what has been put into motion?

“Chase is an extremely interesting character, who rarely thinks of herself and embodies everything that is good,” explains Welker. “She finds a way to brings the elements of life together in harmony and, through the hard lessons she learns, will have readers pondering many facets of their own existence.”

Continuing, “The series is going to get a lot more intense from here. In book two we’ll meet the Creators in greater depth as well as new characters are introduced; book three is a little lighter and book four literally whisks readers to another planet as they learn some solid truths about their actions. It’s going to be an exciting series ahead – but I do need to stress that these books are not for children!”

Reviews for volume one have been extremely positive. For example, Gail Basler adds, “This is a sci-fi novel of striking energy and power, with vivid characters, mesmerizing language, suspense, hilarity, while combining the deepest mysteries of who we are and why we are here. It is a stay-up-all-night- book and tell our friends about it. It is a story of loss, survival, redemption, ingenuity, foresight, self-invention, and fate. Truly not to be missed.”

‘The Creator's Child (Creator Series Book 1)’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1sqXUaZ. For more information, visit the author’s official website: http://www.thecreatorschild.com.

About K.B. Welker
K.B. Welker lives on the Monterey Bay Peninsula in California where land, water and wildlife is protected. With beauty that is unparalleled, her hope is that the rest of the world learns soon what they have...before it's gone.